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Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 03:34:04 AM
Topic: the Karapinar Question: To be or not to be

Oriental carpet studies are filled with more questions than answers, though you'd never know this as few researchers or authors are interested in trying to figure them out, or are they just incapable?

This is not RK's position as we have proven over the past 11 years RugKazbah.com has been online.

The multitude of papers we have published herein demonstrate our willingness to delve far beneath the trivia, which characterizes rug "research", and the thin veneer of "scholarship" it has been accorded mostly by those same people who believe the status quo of rug studies is anything but as RK describes it.

RugKazbah.com is where innovative perspectives are aired publicly, and in this Best of RugKazbah.com topic area we will on a rotating basis present those we believe are the most significant and insightful.

We begin with a very pertinent topic: The Karapinar Question.

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