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Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 12:34:31 AM
Topic: that rag hali's website June 3, 2013

As we have already commented that rag hali has a 'new improved' website -- well at least according to their publicity that is.

Yes it looks different, and for its first few weeks online those who toil there have been straining themselves to add each day, or every several days, new 'content' to keep viewers hitting the site.

However, RK can only report it is more of the same, and if that rag hali really wants to live up to their 'new improved' rubric they will have to, as avis the car company's ad used to intone, "Try Harder".

For instance, photos of the BARE fair in Berlin greeted us on today's peek into their website.

A smattering of photos, which that rag hali titled "Parting Shots", informs all they have recognized their error in removing this feature from their magazine and will now have it online only "...through a combination of hali.com and HALIs Facebook page enabling readers around the world to see who and where in a more timely and accessible manner."

Well, this might sound good on paper but in reality it admits their mistake, substitutes nonsense rationalizing for mea culpa, and worst of all subjects viewers to visit 'Facebook', a place that deservedly is called both facecrook and facespook.

There is little doubt this website is a leader in snooping into and all over any visitor's computer, and RK can vouch for the fact as we have software on ours which detects this type of activity and anytime we visit facebook, like we did this morning to view that rag hali's parting shots Bare fair 'album', it sends our spyware software into a tizzy.

Why does that rag hali think its both cool and helpful to put their content on facecrook when they have their own website?

Is it their lusting desire to get "likes"?

Oriental rug collecting is a backwater hobby and pastime, it has proven to be immune to mainstream interest.

Posting photos to facebook will do nothing to change this circumstance and those dolts at that rag hali, and chief dolt michael franses, are pathetically wrong if they think different.

Also posting a plethora of details of carpets is pointless, and one of their readers has already commented his "hating" those details.

We agree and must also mention the lack of captions is equally as disappointing both when rugs are pictured as well as the people that rag hali deems important enough to picture say "cheese' for their camera.

These are basic necessities for any publisher and that rag hali's ignoring them shows their inherent inability to fulfill their reader's expectations. It also shows how lazy they are.

So besides a cosmetic makeover, and off the starting block energized posting something every day or so, is their website 'new and improved'?

And is the magazine, which has equally been touted as such?

According to our eyes we'd have to say "Not", and since rugDUMB's typical silence of the lambs has not uttered one iota of a thumbs up we consider others agree.

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