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Wed, May 22nd, 2013 03:25:32 AM
Topic: Part 3: New Improved issue of that rag hali

In Part three, our final critique of the first new improved issue of that rag hali, we are going to take a look at Daniel Shaffers at best dubious comments on the recent Tribal Art show in San Francisco.

Shaffers comments begin with the following caveat:

As a frequent visitor to, and regular reviewer of, the annual Caskey-Lees San Francisco Tribal Art show, I am often at a loss as to how to deal fairly with both the year-on-year development of the event, and with such a vast variety of great art in a very limited space. One solution the one I have chosen this year is to forget about even-handedness and instead focus on the stand of a single, rather special, exhibitorCathryn M. Cootner, former curator of textiles at the DeYoung Museum

Frankly and honestly ms cootner, who RK met in 1973 and has had various close encounters with since, should have been ostracized from rugDUMB long ago.

She, like dennis the thief dodds, is nothing but a miserable excuse for any ethics and morals the rug community so ridiculously believes exist.

And Daniel Shaffers glowing comments, which adorn this publicity puff piece he has written ostensibly about the Tribal Art show, should never have made it into print.

Early on Shaffer does touch on one of the more egregious serial acts cootner perpetrated:

Cathryn Cootner has been intimately involved with, and has had a powerful influence on the SF Tribal show for almost two decades. For the past eight years as an exhibitor, but for ten years before that, her early morning pre-show guided tour for Friends of the DeYoung offered entertaining, informative, sometimes show-making(or show-breaking) encounters for exhibitors and potential buyers alike.

This is hali speak.

Let RK tell the truth, and translate the disinfected prose Shaffer tries to float as fact.

While ms cootner was employed as the curtator of textiles at the deYoung museum she was busy setting up deals with various rug dealers to help them help the museum and its benefactors.

And even before she got the job we know for a fact ms cootner received a quite large 6 figure commission on the sale of gary muses Kelim Collection to McCoy Jones, who then donated it to the deYoung.

In fact, ms. cootner got the curator position only because McCoy Jones insisted on it, and paid for it as part of the endowment the deYoung insisted upon to accept his collection as a donation.

And while employed by the deYoung ms cootner also brought many deYoung Museum benefactors to jim blackmons gallery and any purchases these unsuspecting benefactors made resulted in commissions paid to ms cootner.

This type of activity borders on criminal and ms cootner deserves to be called out for her participation.

Eventually, ms cootner pissed-offed just about everyone at the deYoung with her outrageous attitudes, and they finally fired her.

On this basis cathryn cootner has built the bogus reputation Shaffer and that rag hali have burnished in the past and until today continue to burnish.

The truth makes mockery of Shaffers words in so many places we have no time to quote them.

However, this one strikes us as the most ludicrous:

Cathy has become a textile dealer by default

Please, Mr Shaffer, what else would someone in her shoes do to support herself now that her position at the deYoung is long gone, along with her ability to wheel benefactors into jim blackmons now shuttered gallery and shill for him?

There is little doubt ms cootner is a serial abuser of any faith in her honesty or moral compass anyone has ever dreamed she possesses.

And instead of praising and helping ms cootner continue to benefit from any rugDUMB associations that rag hali should either be ignoring her or telling the truth about her exploits in this field.

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