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Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 09:34:59 AM
Topic: he who would be king?

In our continuing critical analysis of the latest issue of the new improved that rag hali the last sentence of the editorial struck us as unbelievable, and amazingly stupid:

Expressing what most of us know to be true about the best rugs requires depth of knowledge, a wealth of experience combined with an economy of phrase, crystal-clear reasoning, and perhaps a demagogic streak all of which we hope you will find throughout our new HALI.

Besides for the somewhat ridiculous economy of phrase allusion and the question it raises: What are those editors trying to say other than making an excuse for those like themselves who have little to say to back up claims of a wealth of experience.

Lets all remember a wealth of experience doesnt guarantee gaining a wealth of knowledge, as those editors often prove.

No, there is another even larger questionable statement the use of the term demagogic.

Here is Websters definition of DEMAGOGUE: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

And of DEMAGOGIC: of, relating to, or characteristic of a demagogue.

If RK has ever read anything that is unquestionably true in that rag hali describing their mission, how they carry it out, and in their own quotable words mind you, it is their belief they are demagogic ie those who use false claims, false promises, and make use of popular prejudices to gain power.

We also find incredibly telling this appears in the first issue one might rightly suspect is commander michael franses vision of a new improved that rag hali.

What undeniable proof franses wants to be seen as rugDumbs demagogue and will not miss any opportunity to exploit this illusion.

michael franses at the Stockholm icoc telling someone about his plan for a dealer's fair he claimed was going to turn the rug business around. The dealer's fair frances was hyping never happened. Any wonder why?

Need we ever say anything more.

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 09:34:59 AM

For those of you who do not know, and we are sure there are many, michael franses now lives in the Persian Gulf region in Doha, Qatar, where he is employed by the Qatar Museum Authority(QMA).

The QMA is the governing body of the Doha museums, including the Museum of Islamic Art, and their collections.

Several years ago franses, according the the gossip and rumors RK has heard from those who claim to know, had some problems in London and "had to leave".

We can well believe this is fact.

Not only from those rumors but from the complicated situation franses was involved in concerning the purchasing of many expensive Islamic works of art and his role in certain irregularities surrounding the payment for those articles.

This situation was reported in art magazines and newspaper articles which mentioned of franses's name.

Regardless of the problems he might have had, it is fact franses now lives in Doha and works for the QMA.

RK has also learned franses's employment contract forbids him from independently buying or selling any oriental carpets.

Could this be why he repurchased that rag hali and now is trying to keep the sinking ship afloat?

One thing is sure: michael franses is a slippery character who thinks, as RK has provided ample evidence, nothing of rewriting his past history in rugDumb to try and blot out the truth and whitewash the various dubious activities he conducted as a dealer.

RK knows enough to positively state franses is nothing like the image he now presents.

To wit: The following comments are from a 2010 press release:

"Now, at the end of my business career, as I embark upon full-time carpet and textile research in my retirement, to be honored with the George Hewitt Myers Award is the greatest recognition I could ever have received.

Seems to RK franses's "retirement" either did not last very long or he forgot to mention his being employed by the QMA.

And several paragraphs later:

"Franses owned The Textile Gallery in London from 1971-2007, exhibiting at major art fairs all over the world and mounting numerous special exhibitions. He closed his gallery three years ago and the following year closed his publishing company and became board chairman of Hali Publications Ltd. His intention is to devote his autumn years to study and to putting his extensive archives in order and making these widely available."

Devote his autumn years to study?

Please now, this is a bogus as daniel, aka do nothing dan, walker's published and promised intentions, after he was thrown out of his job as the director of the Textile Museum, to devote his time to research and publication.

Not one article did walker publish before, several years later, re-entering the museum world as curator of two departments at the Art Institute of Chicago.

So far all franses has done is republish some old articles he wrote, or at least carry his name as author, on that rag hali's website.

Only in rugDumb could character actors like franses and walker not only survive but prosper. Their success is truly a sad commentary and one which surely needs airing.

Perhaps someday we will set the record further straight on mr franses and publicly announce additional evidence to support our position.

'Nuff said for now...

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