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Sun, Jul 19th, 2015 03:33:06 AM
Topic: cloudband.com's trail of tears

Cloudband.com never went back online, which was no surprise to RK. That's why we saved this screenshot, to remind rugDumB how dumb it truly is.

Once upon a time there was a rich fool who believed what the charlatan told him: "Invest your money with me and great things will happen".

So he invested over $500,000.

But he was not alone, the charlatan went to family and friends with the same pitch.

They chipped in almost a $1,000,000 and cloudband.com was born.

Birthing was easy for the charlatan, all that money made it so.

Expenses were expensive, especially the charlatan's salary -- as RK has heard it $10,000 a week plus expenses.

The charlatan was living high on the hog. But then the wicked witch of reality showed up and while expenses were mounting no revenue was accruing.

So the charlatan took a salary cut to $5,000 a week but that had little effect and the losses kept a comin' but no revenue did.

Things were not going well in cloudband.com land but the charlatan played it like any minute things would improve.

But they didn't, so the charlatan started working for no salary, but it was too little too late and one day all the money was gone, and clouband.com was just a memory.

However, before the virtual doors were shut many little people who were suppliers and vendors to cloudband.com came looking for payment on their invoices.

No dice there, as there was nothing left in the kitty other than the charlatan's promises.

The rich fool lost his 1/2 million$, and the charlatan's friends and family lost every penny they invested as well.

Moral of this story?

Never trust a chalatan and never, never allow the charlatan to pull the wool over yer peepers while he is cashing weekly checks that are anything but weak.

PS: for those of you who don't know who the charlatan was, let RK tell you: mr alan marcuson. And the rich fool: mr doug curtis.

Where are they today?

Belgium is where marcuson, the twice bankrupted scoundrel, hangs his hat today and present are whereabouts unknown for mr. curtis.

Easy come, easy go for them but for all the little people who went down with the cloudband.com ship? Doubt they've had it as easy.

Author: Max
email: [email protected]
Sun, Jul 19th, 2015 03:33:06 AM

RK Replies:

Greetings Max

There is little, in fact no, doubt steve price is an autocratic fool of huge proportions.

Plus he knows less than something about old oriental carpets, and most probably his insecurities in trying to run a rug website get the best of him, constantly pushing him to refuse anyone who has an opinion that differs from his dim views to express it on turk0tek.com.

His actions prove this over and over, so we are not suprised to hear the story you relate below.



Mr.Price have decline the membership of a friend of me by turk0tek at the moment my friend said"he is a kurd"!!!!!

Mr.Price s behavior remember me of fashistic turks!

I think Mr.price s ideal is that turks are the worldchampion of rugs and nobody has to doubt in this even it could be a theoretical existence of an antiturk everywhere!



Author: jc
Wed, Mar 13th, 2013 03:56:49 AM

Because the original title, "memories are made of this" was too non-descriptive RK decided to change it.

We should add: It's rather amusing both marcuson and professor "steev" price's names are well-known in many rugDUMB circles but few actually know what these two are really all about.

But RK knows, and we are not shy about putting the truth out there for everyone to read and think about.

What might be even more amusing is no-one comes to their defense...is there any wonder why?

Author: Steve Price
email: [email protected]
Mon, Mar 11th, 2013 05:17:18 AM

RK Replies:

Gee "steev" thanks for expressing your dumbass self here once again.

As RK has told you, and has proven over the years, you're nothing but a turko-moron, whose capacity to learn anything important about an oriental rug or textile is hampered by your belief you already know something. Sorry you don't and prove it every time you open your yapper.

You have a collection of worthless airport art khazeray and tchotchkes RK wouldn't bend down to pick-up for free. Neither would any other rug expert.

Your opinions and ideas are as inconsequential. And you're a laughingstock for expressing them as anyone who knows you or turkotek.com can readily see.

Your passionate hate for RK is motivated by jealousy and envy, which you display every time you try to assail us.

To say you're a worthless paranoid creep for preventing anyone with a differing opinion from expressing it on your sand-box, kindergarten, website is known to all.

And you call RK paranoid? This is nothing but another "steev" price=clown illusion.

See, "steev", what you say is so stupid and unreal allowing you, or an equally idiotic clown like OMFG, to post here not only proves it but demonstrates the biggest difference between you and RK.

Let's see you be man enough to allow RK, and others, to post on your website, turk0tek.com.

Remember sticking your head in the ground doesn't prevent anyone, even those with one eye, from seeing the warts and pimples on your fat, disgusting butt.

nuff said or do you want to go to round 2?


Like I said, Jackass, when I post here or anywhere ewlse(sic), I do it under my name.

In case anybody out there had any doubts about my opinion of you, it hasn't changed: you're a narcissistic, paranoid prick whose only motivation is malice.

Have a nice day.

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 11th, 2013 03:36:16 AM

Yesterday RK had our brilliant, hard working webmaster find out the location from which OMFG's post originated.

Fredricksburg, Va was the answer.

Now a certain RK hater and turko-moron named professor steven price lives in Oilville, Va (surely a well-named place for a creep like price to inhabit), which is about 60 miles from Fredricksburg.

So while this is not conclusively evidence by any means that price is OMFG it is evidence, as IP location is not always exact and internet traffic is often routed over several switches until it hits what is a called a hub and locatable using the tools our webmaster employed.

When we learned Fredricksburg, Va. was the place we immediately emailed price who vehemently denied he was OMFG but wrote he agreed totally with what OMFG had written.

This is not surprising as price has posted some of the most ridiculous bile and bullshit about RK, and we know he is a moron of the highest order to believe what he posted is factual and true.

An email exchange then ensued where price's bravado increased with each email declaring what a loser and nobody RK is.

Posting that exchange is nothing worth the effort but we will say that when we told him what a eunuch and dick-less excuse for a man he is price stopped emailing us back.

Guess the truth hurts, huh, professor emeritus steven price, formerly of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

PS: We are sure most of RK's readership knows of price and his reputation as a complete turko-moron and wanna be rug pundit.

But for those of you who don't you can read price's lopsided rug fantasies on turt0tek.com, a website that is for most ruggies a must to avoid. And RK could not agree more completely.

PPSS: RK has many times offered price the opportunity to discuss anything he likes with us on RugKazbah.com since he forbids RK, and many other truth-sayers, from posting to his website, turk0tek.com, because he knows we will make him look to be the turko-fool he is and will always be.

'nuff said...

Author: OMFG
Sat, Mar 9th, 2013 06:12:32 PM

RK Replies:

Brave words from someone who is afraid to sign a name to them.

RugKazbah.com is all RK has?

How about the Weaving Art Museum, a nonprofit organization RK founded that has been online since 1998 and hundred of thousands of visitors have accessed?

How about the five books on carpets and textile RK wrote and published?

How about RK's Anatolian Kelim collection that is as important as the deYoung Museum's, and one many experts and collectors consider superior?

How about RK's Caucasian Kelim collection that is also considered the best in private hands?

How about RK's soumak bag collection that is considered the best in the world?

How about a Turkmen weaving collection that is one of the best in private hands?

How about the life RK has had that you and many other people would give their eye-teeth to have led?

Need we go on, schmucko?

So go back to your room in your parent's basement and dream you are a big man.

PS: But you are right about one thing: marcuson ain't much, and in comparison to RK he ain't even on the map.


Marcuson ain't much, but he's not the loser that you are. How long have you had Rugkazbah? How many of its objectives have you accomplished? Not even one. It's your place to masturbate, and it's all you've got. Loser.

Author: OMFG
Sat, Mar 9th, 2013 11:43:36 AM

RK Replies:

Clearly OMFG doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground.

What a pathetic comment.

Inferring RK is anything like marcuson? This could only be doneby a moron.

So let's ask the moron a question, one we are sure will be rhetorical: What, where or how did you arrive at such a dumbass conclusion?

We are all ears, as we are sure most other readers are as well.

PS: That means it's your turn now, dummkopf.


Pot, meet Kettle.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 9th, 2013 09:36:57 AM

As we always do, RK emailed mr marcuson a link to this post.

We never punch below the belt, and posting something about someone on the internet without informing them is just that.

Pretty soon thereafter we received email from marcuson.

In them, yes more than one, he tried to splash dirt on us without ever mentioning anything about what we had written.

This is par for the course for a disingenuous poseur like alan marcuson.

Deflect the truth by ignoring it and making up some other nonsense to divert attention from it.

Amazingly, marcuson believes he has had a successful life and career. This flies in the face of reality, no wonder as reality is something all charlatans avoid like the plague.

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