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Wed, May 22nd, 2013 01:53:23 AM
Topic: A New Hat Thrown into the Ring: Part II

Despite antique oriental rug collecting being very small-time pursuit compared with other types of antique and art collecting there is no shortage of internet pundits.

Most do their commenting in conjunction commercial interests to sell pieces from their collection, be that collection in their closet or an actual brick and mortar store.

Mr john taylor, from Germany, and his so-called G-Town blog is one of the few who has no commercial bend to his punditory efforts.

RK has written about taylor and his blog, also called rugbam.com whatever that means before.

And todays short addition well demonstrates why we suggested taylor stick to talking about classical rugs and leave any heavy lifting, in fact any lifting at all, of Turkmen, Anatolian and other non-classical rugs alone.

Recently taylor, who is also a dealer but neatly keeps, at least so far, his blog free of any mentions of his commercial rug-activities, posted the following rather droll and uninteresting, not to mention airport-art period, Turkmen pile weaving for sale.

A germesh (or gertmesh as taylor spells it), is a Turkmen rug-collecting term for a smallish weaving alleged by some authors to have been placed below the engsi to keep dirt and small animals from entering the yurt.

However, in this effort taylor belly-flops so severely we wonder if he was able to remove his face from the waters splashing surface after he hit.

First off, the weaving taylor is trying to offload is not in any way, shape or form a germesh.

And regardless of the fact most germesh are too small to ever have been used below an engsi, rendering the term in Turkmen twilight-zone, there are several immutable characteristics his lacks.

Most important is its size and the absence of the synak outer border all genuine germesh, as well as the majority of pre-mid-19th century engsi, display.

Here is a real and early 19th century germesh for comparison:

Tekke germesh, early 19th century, ex-RK collection

There is no doubt taylors germesh is not a germesh. Rather it is what has been referred to by some authors as a gun-cover.

Weavings like it are all distinctly late Turkmen pile-woven products.

RK has never seen one of these gun-covers that is earlier than the late 19th century, and taylors is surely no best of type.

Frankly, we find it without any merit, a thought that appears others share as it has remained for sale with no takers.

Making such a simple error -- mistaking a gun-cover for a germesh is an embarrassing one, especially for a pundit like taylor who feels his scribblings about Turkmen rugs to be worthwhile reading.

Sorry, taylor, wrong again, and youd be wise to heed RKs suggestion to refrain from further belly-flops by remaining far from the Turkmen swimming-pool, even the roped-off not so deep kiddie end.

Author: Tam
Tue, May 21st, 2013 03:19:36 AM

RK Replies:

Greetings Tam:

No, that is highly unlikely, as the design is not one knownto be used on Ak chuval. And it is much more associated with the piled gun covers.

Not a bad guess, though, on your part. Far better than taylor's rather ridiculous "germesh" one.


Could this be a pile strip cut from an ak chuval?

Author: jc
Mon, May 20th, 2013 06:43:43 AM

Mr taylor's latest, and most verbose, entry for his "blog", oh boy does RK hate that word thought it does describe efforts like john taylor's pretty well, ostensibly concerns "KHYAMIYA (Appliqu).

RK is not going to spend our time commenting on the wide-ranging, might we say galloping, scope taylor's short on worthy commentary and long-runneth plethora of pictures encompasses.

We will leave it to his readers, and ours, to decide if combining so many topics into one groaning smorgasbord is anything but a stomach-ache in the making.

We see it as either taylor is so bleary-eyed from his nocturnal elbow-flexing bouts of wine swilling he doesn't know when to stop writing.

Or just too horny to create an audience who he believes might be impressed by such a shot-gun attempt to write on the subject.

One piece of advice for taylor: never forget less is more.

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