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Tue, Jan 14th, 2014 11:37:14 PM
Topic: RK and jim blackmon email exchange

In our rug-collecting, research and now journalistic pursuits RK has, at times, had to adopt certain guises to get to where we want to go.

We have a number of interesting stories that will make for good reading if we ever get down to finally finishing that autobiography we have hinted at in the past.

Recently, and because jim blackmon has surfaced on the internet offering pieces for sale publicly, we decided to do a bit of investigating to see what mr blackmon is really up to.

So we used a smidgen of subterfuge to first get in contact with him. And then once contact was established we proceed to, as the old saying goes, hold the carrot in front of the horse.

Here is our first email to blackmon and his reply below.

Subject: James Blackmon Gallery
To: [email protected]
Date: Tues, February 26, 2013

Hello Mr Blackmon:
Recently I was in Sf and saw your gallery is closed.
Are you re-opening?
Or operating from another location?
Please advise
Thank you
Roger Buckwalder

And this is blackmons reply

Subject: James Blackmon Gallery
Date: Tues, February 26, 2013 3:10 pm
From: [email protected]

Hello Roger,
Thanks for your email.
Do we know each other?
I've closed the gallery.
I have asite on rugrabbit.com.
What kinds of things are you interested in?
Let me know andI can send images.
All the best,

Here is how blackmon and Rogers went over the next few days.

To: [email protected]
Hi Jim and thank you for the prompt response
We do not really know each other.
I visited your gallery some years ago with two friends who are far more sophisticated collectors than I.
My interests are in unusual, but no too pricey, Peruvian pieces.
I have heard you have a good supply and would like to see them.
Where could we meet for me to view such things?
I am not in the Bay Area but come down from time to time for the day, and am usually pretty busy.
But I can easily make time to see you but I would need to plan it carefully -- time flies, doesn't it.
Could you tell me where you are located so I can plan out my next day in SF?
I think in the later part of next week, or early in the following would be when I am there again.
Is Ms Cootner still working with you? I once accompanied a group she led to your gallery and was fascinated by both the textiles and conversations I witnessed.

From: [email protected]
Hi Roger,
I may remember you, but.... Not to sure.
I have an office in the Presidio of San Francisco.
It is a pleasant little place near to the Golden Gate Bridge with a view of the bay.
I can send you directions once we set up a time.
If you know which direction you'll be coming from I can tailor make them for you.
Let me know what day is best for you.
Afternoons are best for me, but I'm flexible.
I look forward to connecting again.
All the best,

To: [email protected]
Hello Jim:
My schedule is now finalized and I could see you on this Tuesday for an hour either at noon or at 4 pm.
Hope one or the other works for you.
I will be coming from my home near Sacramento so if you give me your address I will punch it into my Range Rover's GPS.

Hope to see you then.

From: [email protected]
Hi Roger,
12:00 is best for me. Below is the address and directions to the office.
If youare coming through Marin I include those directions.
Be sure to enter the Zip code94129 on the GPS since there is another Halleck St. downtown.
(The Presidio is it'sown entity.)
Anyway it shouldn't be too hard to find.
The directions I supplyhave you go to the back entrance of the building off of Graham St, where there isparking.
Halleck Sreet has no parking.
I look forward to getting together.Best,

Directions to:
220 Halleck St. Suite 100 A,
The Headquarters Building, The Presidio of San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA 94129

From San Francisco:
Take Presidio Blvd. into the Presidio and follow it about mile, where it becomesLincoln Blvd. Continue on Lincoln until you pass Halleck St. on your right. Stay onLincoln Blvd one more block until a stop sign at Graham Street. Turn right on Grahamand go past the fire station parking lot to the next parking lot on the right. Pullin and park. You are at the west entrance of the Headquarters Building.
Once insidethe building, my office is to the left Textile Arts, Suite 100A.
James W. Blackmon
Antique Textile Art
w. 415-922-1859
c. 415-601-9945
[email protected]

So everything went according to RKs plan.

The bait a new somewhat nave customer who is interested in mid-low-range Peruvian textiles, which as everyone in that field knows are presently a very hard sell.

But of course RK was not interested in visiting blackmon or sending anyone there on our behalf.

A little bit of explanation is due here to explain one reason why RK is exposing blackmon.

Many years ago, after the unfortunate mess the TentBand Sale at sotheby NY turned into, RK agreed to sell blackmon several of the pieces, which were unsold in the sale.

This was in 1991 or 92 when RK was living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So we gave the pieces to blackmon in his gallery and he gave RK three checks.

One for immediate payment and the other two post-dated for 30 and 60 days thereafter.

RK successfully cashed the first one but several days before the second, post-dated check, was due for payment blackmon called us and said:

Listen, we need to renegotiate the deal.

I have stopped payment on the two checks.

Call me

Well, call him we did.

That day or the next we visited blackmon in his gallery and listened to his cry-baby bullshit story and excuses that he paid too much and the pieces were over-exposed in the market.

After seeing we had no chance other than a court and suing him we grudgingly agreed to accept only 50 percent of the money he owed us, and left with a check for that amount.

We had had several unpleasant experiences with blackmon over the years we knew him we first met him in 1974 or 75. But this was the last straw, and thereafter we rarely saw or talked with him.

We did not like getting cheated, and never forgot his dishonesty.

This is not the first time we have told the blackmon story but in the past when we did people, we are sure, did not believe us.

Now it should be apparent to everyone blackmon is a cheat, a con-man and a scoundrel, to say the least.

OK this should explain why we have gone after blackmon and publicly told the story of the rumors related to his gallery closing, besides the fact we do not like wrong-doing in rugDUMB and clearly blackmon has done wrong.

While we now had the information as to where blackmon is RK decided to see if he would fess up and tell Roger what exactly happened to cause him to close his gallery, and maybe to affirm the rumors RK has related.

So we emailed blackmon the following:

Subject: James Blackmon Gallery
Date: Sun, March 3, 2013 11:00 am
To: "Jim Blackmon" [email protected]
Last night, at a gathering, I saw one of the people I mentioned whofirst accompanied me to your gallery some year ago.
He told me a fantastic story about you and why your galleryis closed.
It was so fantastic that I had trouble not laughingin his face.
However, I did not as he is someone who I notonly respect but who knows far more than me about therug and textile collecting world in California and beyond.
So is it true that you closed the gallery to avoid repayingmany people who trusted you to sell their textiles for them?
And that this situation was caused by someone cheating youand your partners out of a large sum of money?
This sounds like a TV program or movie, and frankly I havetrouble believing it.
But as my friend was very serious in affirming this was thetruth I just had to email you to find out if this is so.

When blackmon did not reply to Roger we sent another email to hopefully prod him into providing some answers.

Subject: James Blackmon Gallery Tuesday meeting
Date: Mon, March 4, 2013 10:12 am
To: "Jim Blackmon" [email protected]
Am I to assume my email asking about thereason your gallery is closed has upset you?
If so then why not tell me?
And what about our meeting planned for tomorrow?
I am glad to hear you side of the story, but failingthat your ignoring my emails does not sitwell with me.
So please, Jim, how about an explanation, as I was lookingforward to meeting you and purchasing a few niceweavings.
I think you realize I do not want to purchase somethingyou have no right to sell.
I do not need any problems, this isa hobby for me -- some fun time.
OK hope you understand and will reply asap

And here is blackmons unsurprisingly void of any information reply:

Subject: intuition
Date: Mon, March 4, 2013 2:40 pm
From: "Jim Blackmon" [email protected]

I'm sure there are no shortage of wild rumors floating around about mycircumstances - like the one you relayed in yesterday's email.
I'vedefinitely traveled a very strange and difficult road these last 5 yearsand wouldn't wish my circumstances on anyone.
That said, I've told mystory to those I know who have bothered to ask, but I don't know you fromAdam and yes, I thought it decidedly odd that you would even presume tobroach the subject under the circumstances.
The tone and furtherassumptions expressed in your email of this morning only confirm myintuition in this.
Let's just move on and forget about our appointmentfor tomorrow.
Life is short.
James W. Blackmon
Antique Textile Art
w. 415-922-1859
c. 415-601-9945
[email protected]

Reading blackmons somewhat imperious and out-to-lunch reply RK decided to send a final shot over his head.

Before we post it notice blackmon could not even get Rogers name correct, addressing him as Robert

RK has heard various rumors about blackmon and his extra-curricular nighttime activities and perhaps his mind is not so clear after all the inebriation those rumors recount.

Clearly if blackmon believes not repaying client money and hiding out is the correct and proper thing to do then his mind is soggy.

Heres Rogers final email.

Subject: intuition
Date: Tue, March 5, 2013 3:44 a
To: "Jim Blackmon" [email protected]
I surely do not want to argue with you, especially abouta subject that you characterize as "wild rumors".
That said, your email neither affirms or denies them.
Granted I am a stranger but doesn't even a stranger deserve anhonest answer?
After receiving your email I did some surfing on the net andeasily found this webpage:
Where it seems the author, and another person who apparently knows youwell and claims to be a victim of your problems, tell the story online.
Do you know about this?
And what do you have to say?
In a court of law not defending yourself and your good name is tantamountto admitting another person's accusations, do you know this?
Anyway, all I was looking for was a straight answer from you, and yourrefusal to fess up to either your honesty and innocence or admitting those"wild rumors" do have some validity bodes poorly for the high on your horseattitude your email evinces.
Clearly, you are not interested in my business, so I will be gald to take itelsewhere.
But if I am wrong please set me straight.
The choice is yours, Jim, but I fear writing this email to you will justbe disregardedby you without even a reply.
Prove me wrong Jim and you might make a good friend here.

As Roger feared, blackmon did not reply.

And RK is now pretty darn sure those wild rumors about blackmon are correct.

We are also sure there will be more to come on this story, so stay tuned.

PS: RK has emailed blackmon a link to this but we doubt he will have the good-sense or guts to reply.

Draw your own conclusions

Author: WAMRI is a scam
email: 3
Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 10:44:56 PM

RK Replies:

You are truly an idiot.

Mr blackmon has closed his gallery and refused to pay people he took consignments from. For many moths he disappeared.

Now he has reappeared but still has not repaid those who trusted him and to who he owes a considerable amount of money.

One of those unfortunates emailed RK and has written some of her story with blackmon here on RugKazbah.com.

Clearly you are either too stupid to connect the facts or just another RK basher who refuses to countenance the truth.

Plus, our personal experience with blackmon, which we too have documented here, shows what a dishonest, liar and thief he is.

'Nuff said


Your thought process here, Jack, demonstrates just how disturbed and irrational you are. There is no need for journalistic guise This dealer is not hiding. He has a public presence and answers all of his emails with his contact information pre-loaded as e-stationary. Just what secret are you trying to uncover? Why do you continue to stalk people using deceit and fraud? This compounded with your fake museum and non-profit organization demonstrates what a truly sick person you are. To recap. Your wamri is not a non-profit organization recognized by any legal entity in the United States where it is said to be located. The IRS has no record of it. Now dont try to give that sad lie that weaving art museum and research institute is recognized by the state of California as a non-profit. It is not, which seems to mean it is recognized only by your imagination or as part of your ongoing sad attempt at self aggrandizement. Though, you may have received a letter of recognition for the first year after you filed with Sacramento, that letter, and the standing of your organization were contingent on you fulfilling your obligations as a director including, assembling a board of directors, filing for final non-profit status with the IRS, and filing annually and submitting applicable fees for Sacramento. Under California law, since you failed to get non-profit status from the federal government alone, you do not have it in California. There is no record of any non-profit organization of any sort named wamri, or involving you in any capacity. You are perpetuating a fraud. WAMRI is a SCAM

Author: jc
Fri, Mar 15th, 2013 08:16:52 AM

After posting our under-cover story on mr blackmon RK has emailed him several times, signing our name to them, asking him to confirm or deny it.

We have even offered, should he deny it, to help him clear his name.

But, alas, blackmon has yet to respond and now after many days we doubt he will.

This can only lead to one conclusion -- the rumors are true and what RK has written, which is based on them --save our personal experience with him where he stopped payment on his checks after making a deal with us -- is likewise factual.

And failing hearing from him our last words on the subject are: Once a cheat and liar, always a cheat and liar.

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