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Mon, Dec 17th, 2012 10:48:07 AM
Topic: No star Star Kazak

Over the many years RK has been interested in, and collected, historic oriental rugs and flat-weaves we have seen and heard many stories that demonstrate the, might we call it, less than average honesty and intelligence those in this field possess.

These stories concern collectors; dealers, part-time and full-time; investors; passionate researchers and johnny come-latelys; big spenders and cheapskates; hoarders, closet-fillers and basement stashers; bedroom wanna-be dealers and internet ebay-maniacs; those who are knowledgeable and those so ignorant to never pass a rug 101 exam. They have all be subjects, protagonists and antagonists, heroes and villains in RK collection of histoires des tapis.

We have often mused over writing a book filled with the best and perhaps someday we will.

And although RugKazbah.coms discussion board already contains more than a few, there are many others and today we decided to add the following online concerning a Star Kazak.

Star Kazak; collection mitchell and rosalie rudnick; Boston, Mass

The name rudnick should be familiar to anyone who has been collecting since the late 1980s and 1990, as Ms. rosalie rudnick far more than her husband mitchell definitely wore the rug-pants in that family.

Ms. rudnick, a loud-mouth, squeaky high-pitched voice, small in stature wanna-be rug queen has a rather obnoxious air of self-importance.

She pushed and shoved herself with typical Jewish bravado into the rug scene in America, particularly in the New England(Boston) area and except for the now long gone expelled hot-air has left little to no trace on rug collecting.

RK met them early in their rug-career but soon after had our fill of dealing with an aggressive skirt wearing pair of pseudo-balls like those hidden between rosalies legs. Nor did we ever connect with her noncommittal Casper Milquetoast hubby.

The rudnicks had plenty of money to spend and thanks to their wallet and rosalies intense ardor to acquire Caucasian rugs and become a somebody in rugDumb, they easily did both. Well, for a while at least.

But discussing their far less than interesting personalities and obsequious regard for the rugDUMBs heavy hitters and big names is not RK intent or purpose, so lets unfurl the flag-ship story of their Star Kazak.

Soon after selling their home in suburban Boston and purchasing a condo in the city, the rudniks organized a party at their new digs one could call their coming-out in BeanTown, as Boston is commonly known to locals.

And naturally showing off their rug collection was the highlight of the affair. This, by the way, happened around 10 or so years ago.

Also for the record the rudnicks, or ruGnicks as RK began to call them, have been of late totally off the scene, and frankly we are sure we are not the only one not to lament their passing.

In attendance at the big condo party, to which of course RK did not receive an invitation, were a number of local, some out of the area ruggies, and a few luminaries.

In particular, a certain james -- aka jim -- burns from Seattle, Washington was a major somebody in the rudnicks rug collecting universe and front and center for the festivities.

He and Ebberhart Hermann, who did not attend, were in the rudnicks eyes masters of the rug universe and mitchell and rosalie not only immensely respected them, they gobbled up like manna whatever words dropped from Hermanns and burns lips something like if God suddenly appeared and started talking.

Anyway burns, in his accustomed master of the rug universe way, soon became the center of attention at the party, as not only were the rudnicks in awe but so were many others who showed up for canaps and drinks that afternoon and early evening.

Soon burns had a coterie of followers as he toured the rudnick collection hung on the walls of the condo, placed on the floor and put on tables and chairs for viewing.

Never one to be introspective with his thoughts, well at least those he cares to make public, burns proceeded to produce a running monologue of his opinions and thoughts about the rudnicks treasures for the growing conga-line of followers tagging along.

Mostly burns, who is really not anywhere the rug expert even on Caucasian rugs he is credited with being, praised and talked approval but as soon as he came face-to-face with the rudnicks Star Kazak the mutterings and chirpings of agreement and Amens from the peanut-gallery of followers suddenly turned stone silent.

You could have heard a pin-drop, as several onlookers have told RK.

Putting on his glasses and approaching the Star, like Dr. Kildare would an ailing patient, burns stuck out his hands, turned the rug over, and looked at the back.

Its a fake burns declared.

You should have seen the look on mitchell and rosalies faces we have been told they didnt know what to do: Throw burns out, start crying or what.

They just stood there transfixed as if their feet were cemented to the floor and their mouths wired shut.

As we have heard it burns then turned around and walked away from the rug like a matador who has just given Toro the coup de grace.

Needless to say this put a damper on the rest of the day but it did not end there.

First-off the burns was excommunicated from the rudnicks circle of rug friends: and the rudnicks, who did not know what to do that afternoon, sprung into action and sought the opinions of other rug experts to try and figure out if the top-dog in their rug kennel was genuine or not.

They had paid a very real 250,000 dollars for the piece, buying it from a New England rug dealer who had no shop but rather dealt from home.

We are not going to name him for many reasons, not the least of which is we like him and consider him to be a friend.

However, we will say either he was incredibly greedy and foolish to sell the piece, or he did not honestly know the truth about it.

Regardless, it is caveat emptor and the rudnicks were where the buck stops on this one as he, the dealer, had it on consignment.

We will gladly say who was the owner, Krikor Markarian, another name that should be familiar to anyone who has been involved with rugs since the 1980s.

Krikor started in the rug business in the mid-1970s as berji andonians rug restorer, and soon proved to be one of the best in country.

But soon Markarian left andonian and struck out on his own, renting an office close by and becoming both a rug dealer and restorer.

Rumors have it Krikor has been involved with producing reproduction, aka fake, rugs and RK can well believe it. At the least Markarian has restored many old, tired out, worn and torn examples to mint condition and we are sure many collections have a sample or two of Krikors work.

Fact is the rudnick Star Kazak big-time burns declared a fake is nothing but an almost completely restored and replied piece of Krikor Markarians handiwork.

And after much soul-searching, questioning of everyone and everybody, but not RK, this is what the rudnicks learned, much to their chagrin.

They did, certainly, feel this was better than if it was a fake, but really now what is the difference between a complete fake and a rug that is almost totally repiled?

The answer is an old foundation of warp and weft, but honestly this matters not. Just as whether or not the repiling is done from old wool or new its still not original.

RK really does not know, as we do not speak to the rudnicks, but the saga of their repro repiled Star might well be the reason they dropped off the scene and today are nowhere to be seen.

As a post-script we might add when we first heard the story we did call them offering to visit and lend our expertise to the Star Kazak quandary.

This was before they learned the truth it was a Markarian repile job. However, after talking with mitchell and having him say OK why dont you come by we never were invited.

You can be sure big-yapper rosalie nixed that, as well as the fact we surely did not feel we missed anything.

What this proves, and proves in spades, is rugDumb is a dangerous place to put your wallet, particularly if like rosalie rudnick you think after 10 or 20 years of collecting you know the score.

Honestly, it takes far more than a lot of water under bridge to successfully navigate the Saragasso Seas and Niagara Falls of rugDUMB.

It takes experience, a sharp mind, ego-less regard for ones feelings, intuition and, believe it or not, a healthy amount of clairvoyance.

Clearly the rudnicks, burns and many other big time ruggies have learned the hard way how true this is.

Author: jc
Mon, Dec 17th, 2012 10:48:07 AM

Yesterday RK received an email informing us the rudnick no star Star Kazak was on view at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts along with a few other rugs.

The email asked if our timing for presenting the article was prompted by this display.

We certainly did not know about the exhibition, and our publishing the story had absolutely nothing to do with it.

And while it might appear a 'coincidence' we are sure there is at least a bit more involved here.

For instance we have no doubt there sometimes is a metaphysic around and about oriental rugs, like the spirits of the unknown weavers who labored to produce them can sometimes reach out from the beyond and affect the present.

Maybe this is the explanation and perhaps some readers recognize from their own experience what we are saying?

But back to more mundane matters: When we read the email we could not but helping wondering if the rudnicks are intending to donate the no star Star Kazak to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for a nice, fat tax deduction? And that's what's behind its appearance on the museum's august wall.

If so, let RK be the first to tell them not to bother; no need to sully another museum's collection.

Instead RK suggests they donate it to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA) where it could join dennis dodds's bogus Bellini in infamy.

Now that would be a gruesome twosome, huh.

Author: jc
Sat, Dec 15th, 2012 12:42:09 PM

As an interesting addendum last night RK called an old friend of ours, a longtime American east-coast collector.

When we asked if he had seen what we wrote he said "No". After telling him what we had written he remarked he had his own story to tell about the rudnicks and their no star Star.

Seems at some point after the "coming out" party mitchell and rosalie hosted several additional get-togethers to show-off their "collection" of "treasures".

He was invited to one, and when he saw the no star Star Kazak he immediately thought something was amiss.

After examining it for some minutes he asked a couple of folks he knew if "like, maybe it's a fake?"

Seems he did this in the earshot of the rudnicks who were too embarrassed to say anything at the time but since have not talked to him even once, not one word.

According to him he did not "say" it was a fake, he just gently asked if anyone thought, like he did, that it might be.

When we told him we were not surprised he said he was and was sorry they had such a thin-skin about the piece.

By the way, he is very well versed in Caucasian rug collecting and thought it very foolish the rugnicks were not more willing to discuss the piece and, if necessary, admit their error.

We answered it's never a mistake to underestimate thelack of intellectual curiosity and openness those in rugDUMB hold, particularly about their collections.

He reluctantly said he had to agree.

Author: Lurker2600
email: [email protected]
Sun, Dec 9th, 2012 02:32:13 PM

RK Replies:

Thanks for the link "lurker2600".

RK knows all of them but perhaps some of our readers willbe glad to see them.

Also we wrote about the soumak bag, Soumak Bag number 2, with the cutesy animals the rudnicks bought from Ebberhart Herrmann.

You can read that piece, titled "Cute Animals Don't a Great Soumak Bag Make" here:


Lastly, looks like someone needs to learn the correct spelling for Caucasian.


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