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Tue, Nov 27th, 2012 12:10:45 PM
Topic: RK's 'season's greeting' card 2012

RK has watched the progressive commercialization and neutering of the holiday season, which now starts even before the poor murdered Turkey gets carved up and the groaning board of Thanksgiving Day treats is set out, for decades.

Were this progress anything but the antithesis of what these holy-days are all about it might be acceptable.

But it ain't, and the gross often disgusting messages it sends should be enough to cause an uproar of protest.

Yeah right, forget about it as we now live in times where the silence of the lambs rather than the beating of pots and pans(as protests in Spain and other countries provoke) is the norm, and Joe and Jane Doe are too dumbed-down, afraid of being politically incorrect, or just too busy buying shit they don't need (or can't afford) to stand up.

RK can go on proving our country is lost in a morass of stupidity, greed, and self-serving actions in all spheres of endeavor; so perhaps we should just accept the complete loss of identity the holiday season now has.

Here's this years card.

We'd say enjoy this time: But really now how can anyone enjoy a holiday season knowing our country is dropping bombs in many countries, killing innocent people, and degrading to nil our Constitution and its tales of freedom.

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