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Thu, Dec 20th, 2012 06:55:51 AM
Topic: rip-pon bozwell post 11/2012 sale comments

We are not going to spend much time, in fact really any, analyzing the sale and what happened.

We will make the general statement: Unless the piece was an excellent example of a rare type it did not fare well under bozwell's hammer.

Only a few standouts preformed, the rest returned in lackluster fashion, i.e. low prices, and a goodly number did not sell.

We'd be pretty sure maltzahn is burning up the phone lines trying to make what he calls "secondary" sales, and, therefore, will not post the 'official' results for some time.

Like most of the recent years rug auctions this one was not very good for middle range pieces, which are the lifeblood for dealer and auction sales.

Will things get better? Listen to RK: Hope for the best but expect the worst.

Here are the results for a few lots in the sale:

lot 19 tent band - 4,600 but we are not sure if it really sold

lot 21 belouch "prayer" rug - 2,500

Lot 61 Embroided Tekke asmalyk 11, 000 Euro

Lot 62 Small Tekke rug 3,500 Euro

lot 78 long rug fragment - 2,200

lot 86 chinese - RKO - 55,000

lot 94 Tekke engsi - 13,000 (below the reserve)

lot 123 Chodor mc - 8,000

lot 149 Yomud engsi - 3,000

Lot 152 Salor Chuval 5,000 Euro

lot 153 Yomud engsi - did not sell

lot 179 Bijov - 4,400

lot 190 Yomud chuval - 2,100

lot 204 Kazak - 12,000

Author: jc
Thu, Dec 20th, 2012 06:55:51 AM

The results of the November 2012 sale have been posted online in record time for mr maltzahn, RK must say.

It only took him four weeks, and just think every other auctioneer RK follows has their results posted within 24 hours...some even when the sale has ended.

But, Ahh, those firms do not engage in the spirited "after sale" sales detlef maltzahn uses to increase rippon's selling percentage.

And while this is a good thing for consignors, who rarely want to see their merch returned unsold, one would have to wonder if knowing you can buy it after the sale for a probable discount deters some bidders from participating in the sale itself?

Regardless of the pros and cons, this is maltzahn's choice as he is the big cheese "buck stops on my desk" at rippon-boswell.

Anyway, readers can go to boswell's website and see the results for themselves.

We will mention there were few surprises, most lots that did sell sold in the 1500-3500 euro price range, not exactly brilliant.

And of the 319 lot on offer only 178 found buyers.

This works out to a 55.7 percent sales ratio. Not too bad, but then again in the good old days boswell's % number was often in the high 80 and low 90's showing just how far the market has moved down...and, for most lots, price-wise as well.

We will all have to see what the New Year brings but RK believes the old proverb -- hope for the best, expect the worst, will be quite applicable for boswell and also all other auctioneers.

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