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Thu, Nov 29th, 2012 11:18:30 AM
Topic: skinner's November auction

RK avoided, so far, commenting on the skinner sale because, quite honestly, there was nothing worth our effort.

But when a late, end of the line pseudo-"S" group schleme torba sells for 25,000 dollars plus premium it does warrant our putting pen to paper.

We say pseudo because the torba was asymmetric open right not open left as are all real "S" group examples.

OK, ok, one might think so what if a naive, or highly motivated(aka eager-beaver) collector decided to splurge out and buy this garish runt of the litter type "Turkmen" weaving.

However, remember there was an underbidder, or at least the appearance of one.

Well, here's the clinker, and the reason RK is commenting: The torba, lot 75, was purchased by Ebberhart Hermann, who was in the room with, as we have heard it, a very pretty, very young Chinese girl.

Hmmmm, is Ebberhart eating Chinese now rather than good hearty Swiss rsti and wursti?

Or maybe 'uncle' Ebberhart was taking his "grand-niece" on her first trip to America?

Anyway, he bought it against the "telephone".

RK has a good idea who was on the other end of the line, as well as what is going on here. However, until we have a bit more evidence we will refrain from exploding more bombshells.

And by the way that ugly, equally as end of the line and mediocre, "star" Kazak, lot 117, sold for 20,000 dollars plus premium.

Perhaps, the only thing worth thinking about here is, besides what's up when an ugly schleme torba sells for 25,000 plus dollars to a man who should and does know the difference between mediocrity and excellence, what would a really good "S" group torba or star Kazak bring in today's highly polarized and top weighted auction market?

One thing is sure, a whole lot more than these pieces made at skinners the other day.

Author: JEB
Thu, Nov 29th, 2012 09:19:15 AM

Hey there "JEB":

Well, we surely did not want to imply herr Hermann was raiding the cradle so, perhaps, your interpretation of the word was a bit too sensitive?

However, RK is definitely not interested in Herr Hermann's love life and we were just passing along some 'gossip'.

OK, hope that clarifies the subject, but as for your opinion the 20K well overpriced torba was Tekke we'd have to say we severely doubt it.

Open right, a Tekke technical characteristic, is surely not enough evidence to base such a suggestion.

Do you have any other proof to back-up it up?

RK has seen many "schemele" gol "S" group wanna-be torba, all open right with two level warps of varying displacement.

However, we have never seen a Tekke product of this type and on that basis we'd have to throw a pail of cold water on your idea.

But since we did not handle it -- did you -- we'd be more than eager to hear anything else you'd care to contribute to support your attribution.


Just to clarify, the "very pretty, very young Chinese girl" was indeed very pretty, but I'd put her age as mid 20s, beyond the usual description of "girl." Sorry to nitpick, but the description to me suggested pedophilia. This is more of a classic wealthy older man with an attractive young lady. I agree about the "Salor" and the Kazak being unimpressive. I'd put the torba as late 19th century Tekke. The Star Kazak would be worth hanging if it had been a gift, but at $20,000+? Ick.

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