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Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 06:29:17 AM
Topic: art, Art - When is a rug ART?

Over the long years we have been interested in oriental rugs some of the antics rug dealers have done to demonstrate "rugs are art" have both amused and disappointed us.

There surely are rugs that are ART; however, they are very, very few and very, very far between.

Most rugs are nothing but commercial products made for one purpose only -- for the weaver to get paid.

There are some, again few in number, that are craft, ie. made with proprietary traditional decoration.

But, again, most of what tries to pass for craft exhibits nothing but a conglomeration of someone else's tradition -- someone not even known to the user.

So much for those who go on about "tribal" art in rugs.

Rug Art on the other hand, according to us, has to be on a higher level, one that the age of the object does not make.

It's an inestimable quality but one that is detectable and visible to those who are connoisseur -- ie possess well-trained eyes.

But since anything can be "art", even a Cambell Soup Can, who's to say a pakistani Bokhara isn't art?

Let RK disabuse any of you who think the previous sentence is fact -- it ain't and don't you believe it for one minute.

OK where is this going?

It's going here: For many years now certain "dealers" have believed taking a rug and putting it on a stretched canvas and putting that canvas on the wall like a painting is the way to turn a rug into "art".

Nonsense, only an idiot would take a three dimensional object and turn it into a two dimensional one. Period, end of discussion.

Recently we read the following in the NY Times:

"Rare Rags and Patches from Exotic Places

The commercial interior designer Mae Festa, an expert in antique textiles, bought plenty herself over 50 years, from a 19th-century ceremonial Japanese bag, far left, to an Uzbeki yurt hanging, left, to an intricately woven Tibetan monks robe that she purchased from a woman who flagged her down on West End Avenue.

Those and other pieces are part of Treasured Weavings: The Mae Festa Textile Collection, an exhibition that opens Nov. 8 at the 1st Dibs Gallery at the New York Design Center and includes more than 60 items for sale. Ms. Festa, now in her 80s, decided it was time to let go of many of the pieces that fill her Connecticut home.

She collected from all continents, said Peter Pap, a San Francisco-based Oriental rug dealer who is organizing the sale along with 1st Dibs. Mae was one of the pioneers in taking these pieces and turning them into art by framing them. The collection can now be viewed online at 1stdibs.com in advance of next weeks opening. The gallery is at 200 Lexington Avenue (33rd Street), 10th Floor. Information: (212) 627-3927, extension 159."

Clearly, peter pap is one of those idiots if he believes Ms Festa's collection is art because she 'framed" it.

There is little art in the Festa collection, at least the parts of it pap is trying to peddle, regardless of the fact the pieces are framed.

Only in rugDumb could a peddler like pap make such a statement and get away with it...Well he did not really get away with it since you, dear readers, now know.

Author: move on with your life, jack
email: aa
Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 06:29:17 AM

RK Replies:

Jeeezzz, Halibut-butt head all these posts and nothing really to say?

If you call the LACMA asmalyk "common" and "overpriced" clearly you know nothing about Turkmen rugs or what they are worth.

Needless to say we totally doubt you know what LACMA paid for it.

So listen up to some friendly advice: get lost until you can act like a man and at least post drivel and nonsensical bullshit with your name attached.

Doing so anonymously makes you look even more feeble than you most probably are.


So if the piece in question is being sold by someone else it is just artlesdvapid promotion but when it is being sold by you, Jack, it is an artistic masterpiece, an artifact of no equal? Is that how you bilcked LACMA for that nice but common and overpriced asmalyk?

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