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Sun, Nov 25th, 2012 06:05:30 AM
Topic: rippon-bowell Fall Nov.24, 2012 sale

RK has seen an early copy of the November 24, 2012 rippon-boswell sale which numbers 319 lots.

There are a few pieces we could comment on but frankly we are tired of providing pre- and post-auction reports, hence the lack of late in our coverage of any rug auction sales by any of the auction companies, not only rippon-bowell but sotheby, Christie, Bonhams, et.al.

However, we will continue when something amazingly wonderful, or as in the case of our writing this missive, amazingly stupid appears in these catalogs.

Such is the case with one particular lot in boswell's latest November sale.

Lot 74, rippon-boswell Nov 24, 2012, described in the catalog as "18th century" "Konya". It is according to RK a FAKE, nothing but a new reproduction.

This large yastik, size is 1.72 by 1.14 meter, is a blatant fake and although RK has often expressed little respect for detlef maltzahn's expertise as a supposed rug expert, or for his honesty as an auctioneer, we did not believe him stupid and so ignorant to believe an ersatz copy like this to be genuine.

But as someone famous once said "Never be surprised by people's stupidity".

Lot 74 reminds RK of another similar FAKE reproduction we wrote about some years ago.

"Here we see john thompson -- aka johnny-boy, who if there is a darling of Rugdom thompson must be that darling -- inspecting what appears to be a Turkish yastic during his N.Y. trip to select the pieces for the (hajji baba 75th) anniversary exhibition and catalog.

In light of the above, RK truly wonders what johnny-boy is telling the overstuffed shirt onlooker, presumably hajji member ted mast the yastic owner, about this highly questionable, and in our opinion recent reproduction, i.e. a fake.

RK has a good memory for rugs and, in fact, we remember writing about this bogus yastic several years ago."

Granted, the repro-artiste who wove Lot 74 has improved on technique, but the fake "wear" lot 74 shows, versus the thick-pile condition the ted mast collection fake yastik above exhibits, still is not capable of fooling an expert.

Sure, sure it fooled maltzahn, and he will undoubtedly sing lot 74's praises to some check-book wallet-head "client" who will, like rug-fool hajji baba-ite ted mast, fall hook line and sinker.

Maybe boswell should enlist "dr" jon, the con, thompson to bless lot 74?

Anyway, we all know an auction is caveat emptor and boswell, who has paraded and sold countless fake Kazak rugs over the past years, can now add this FAKE reproduction "Konya" to this ever growing list.

By the way, we have been contacted by several former clients of rippon-boswell who unfortunately believed the Kazak they had purchased was as described in the catalog at the time of purchase.

That was until sometime later when they started to think to the contrary and contacted us for an appraisal.

RK was sorry to tell them their fears were justified and their purchases were not antique but rather new reproductions.

In closing, anytime detlef aka boswell maltazhn wants to try and contest our opinions we welcome him to post his objections here or, should he have the stupidity to do so, in any court of law of his choice.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 25th, 2012 06:05:30 AM

RK just learned turko-moron detlef maltzahn has withdrawn the fake "yastic" from the rippon-boswell sale.

How embarrassing is that? To describe the rug in the catalog as important and worth 25,000 euro and then to withdraw it?

There should be no question why it was withdrawn. It is a reproduction, a recent fake and maltzahn is as dumb as a wet rock to have even entertained the notion the "yastic" was genuine.

Forget about then going ahead and publishing it in the catalog....

Guess maltzahn reads RK, and apparently he better keep at it...don't want to make more of those big mistakes, now do you detlef, you fool.

Soon RK might post a few other post-sale comments...stay tuned

Author: Steve
email: [email protected]
Sun, Nov 4th, 2012 01:47:16 PM

RK Replies:

Well, it might be noteworthy for fans of this type of rug, or Mr Bacon the artist, but as far as we are concerned it is nothing we'd care to weigh in on.

Regardless of there being some other noteworthy weavings in maltzahn's sale besides the bogus "yastic" we wrote about, quite frankly RK is no longer interested in spending time to comment, both positively or negatively(but always accurately and truthfully), about upcoming lots rug auctions.

We only chose to write about the rug in this thread because of its quite multitudinous dubious qualities.


What about lot 130, a Francis Bacon rug... Is this not an interesting and note worthy item?

Author: jc
Fri, Oct 26th, 2012 06:04:25 PM

Just for reference the "yastic" "dr" jon thompson and ted mast are looking at was sold as......right you are.... lot 93 in rippon-boswells November 19, 2005 auction.

It made 22,500 euro and while RK was a bit more gentle about the probability it might be a FAKE when we wrote about it after the sale, today, after further reflection and research, we are not afraid to say POSITIVELY it is.

Likewise we are equally as positive lot 74 in the current sale is, like it, a FAKE.

Perhaps ted, the mark, mast will buy it, again on the advice of dennis dodds, who was according to what we have heard instrumental in getting him to buy lot 93 in 2005?

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