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Sat, Oct 13th, 2012 06:19:30 AM
Topic: Oh No, Not Again...

RK recently spied an announcement for the latest rug "related" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).

Seems a Turkmen jewelry show opened on October 9, and while this show is surely not really something RK would normally comment upon the fact all the examples of jewelry come from the collection of Marshall and Marilyn Wolf is something worth a few minutes of our time.

The Wolf are presently the highest profile collectors of oriental rugs.

This status is bestowed on them for basically one reason -- Marshall's great personal wealth and his recent penchant for getting museums to show his stuff by promising to give the stuff to these institutions.

RK finds this rather distasteful while other collectors, yours truly included, have collections that are of equal or superior importance and are unable to get such institutions to exhibit their weavings.

Granted, giving away a collection is surely a logical way to get a museum exhibition, but quite frankly collectors, again like yours truly, who have suffered financial hardships to put their collections together are not in the position to just give them away, as someone as wealthy as a Marshall Wolf can.

RK believes it is high time museum's started to pay attention to this unseemly practise of ignoring collections unless they are presented gratis.

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