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Thu, Oct 4th, 2012 01:16:44 AM
Topic: "dr" jon thompson gets tac(k)y

Instead of inviting dr jon thompson to lecture on Turkmen weavings the "textile museum associates of southern California" (tac_k-Y) should be questioning him on his role in approving for purchase dennis, the thief and liar, dodd's bogus bellini that is now stored in the sub-basement of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA).

Not only is thompson complicit in the fraud and coverup which surrounds the 250,000 dollar bogus bellini, he is also someone who clearly has changed his views on the significance and importance of Turkmen rugs. Formerly thompson was a devout collector of these weavings but after selling his collection his public statements make clear he no longer believes the Turkmen rug has any real standing in oriental carpet studies.

So why this group of textile and rug sycophants, who call themselves associates of the textile museum, will fete a man who should be pilloried for his incredible errors associated with the bogus bellini's purchase and ongoing coverup appears to RK to be past unbelievable.

And considering tompson's stupid, now 30 year old, "Imreli" imbroglio, another signpost his views on Turkmen rugs are anything but wastebasket material, and his believing the so-called "Faces II Fragment" was an ancient piece of carpet history, when it turned out to be a nothing but an old fake and reproduction, demonstrate the flawed and duplicitous history attached to his name.

Only in rugDUMB could a grifter and charlatan like dr jon thompson escape being ostracized and forgotten for his errors and sins.

Were RK planning to be in southern California on Oct 27, the date of dr jon thompson's lecture, we would be sure to publicly denounce him and force him to answer the many questions surrounding his refusal toprovide an explanation for his role in the 2004 bogus bellini acquisition and why he has not, on his own, said peep about it since.

Below is the notice for his appearance:

The Textile Museum Assiciates of Southern California has also announced a lecture by Jon Thompson Turkoman Weavings: Some Thoughts on Their Vocabulary of Ornament which will take place Saturday 27 October 2012.

More information: The Textile Arts Council (TAC), The Textile Museum Assiciates of Southern California (TMA/SC)

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 4th, 2012 01:16:44 AM

Seems "dr" jon the con thompson is going to give a talk at the new england rug society in the coming weeks.

RK urges everyone who goes there to seriously consider, and then follow thru, grilling him on his role in the acquisition of the bogus bellini and why he continues with the coverup.

RK knows what chicken-shit 99.9 percent of all ruggies are when it comes to acting like men and not mice but since RK is an optimist we are hoping someone will speak up.

And Lord knows it is time for a public airing of this stinking affair dennis the cheat and liar dodds perpetrated.

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