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Mon, Sep 3rd, 2012 07:53:57 AM
Topic: textile museum's Fall Symposium 12-14 October

Hot off the press: bruce aka big-mouth do nothing but destroy the textile museum baganz has just announced the 'topic' big surprise for the upcoming surely not up and coming rather down and going out Fall 2012 symposium will be drum roll "Otttoman By Design: Branding An Empire.

Two big guns of rugDUMB, Drs walter "it's still a pretty rug" denny and jon "it's a contentious issue" thompson will be delivering talks.

What could be more predictable or less enlightening than hearing these two talk about Ottoman design, a worn-out and way over-exposed 'topic'?

To say rugDUMB has not been reduced to recycling anew the status quo of aged experts with basically nothing new to say, revisiting ad nauseum their tired efforts at Classical rug 'scholarship', bestowing revolving awards to this small in-group of hackneyed talking heads, pulling down and putting up on museum walls those beautiful but soul-less factory-made by the numbers Classical carpets, would be to lie like a sleeping dog.

With this broken record modus operandi is it any wonder rugDUMB is generating about as much interest, and takers, as a free cabin on the Lusitania?

Time's a wastin' to get out that broom and sweep away the atrophied stiffs who populate rugDUMB's self-appointed hierarchy of honchos before they totally destroy any chance the oriental rug will ever considered an art object.

RK suggests the first to go should be thief, liar and cheat dennis dodds and self-proclaimed savior of, who in fact has virtually destroyed, the textile museum bruce baganz.

These two need to be removed immediately, if not sooner.

Author: jc
Sun, Sep 2nd, 2012 12:43:38 PM

By the way denny uttered the "it's still a pretty rug" quote when he finally saw in person the bogus 'bellini' dennis dodds unloaded on the Collector's Committee of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA).

This was also when denny agreed with RK by publicly stating the bellini was NOT a 16th century masterpiece example but one made "during the period 1650-1750, and probably at the end of that continuum".

Congratulations to denny for being honest about his mistake of recommending the purchase, but so much for denny's abilities as an expert who should have been able to easily understand the subtle but apparent differences between a masterpiece 16th century example and a later genre copy from a photograph.

And a clearly uncomfortable jon thompson uttered his "its a contentious issue" quote also about the dodds bellini at LACMA in Los Angeles when an actor hired by RK confronted him after his talk about the Ardibil Carpet.

The fact thompson refused to discuss his approval of the purchase, or to like denny admit his error in recommending the purchase, is surely a "contentious issue" for him, one jon thompson will eventually have to face.

But both denny and thompson, not to mention dodds, have gotten away with their errors of judgment, their reputations remain unscathed.

It is this failure, more than anything else RK could mention, that highlights the inability of the oriental rug collecting community to self-govern and to take action against those who deserve to be judged and called-out for their actions.

And this not only stinks, it is the proverbial rotten core of rugDUMB.

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