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Wed, Aug 29th, 2012 02:32:26 AM
Topic: bogus "firm" prices

To continue RK undercover expos of greed and stupidity in rugDUMB, we decided to prove our former comments about Ronnie newman and what a clown and turko-fool he is.

So we emailed him, using the pseudonym Rob, and asked him how much he was asking for the prayer kelim on rugrabbit.com.

The kelim is an interesting, and rare one, a village interpretation of a Classical Ottoman-type weaving, an analogous example of which has yet to be discovered.

It is a very worthy weaving.

However it is not 17th century, as the over-dater, greedy over-charger and rug know-little newman often proves himself to be, states in his short description.

After some serious consideration RK would date it circa 1800, perhaps a bit later.

So we sent newman the following email:


Can you please tell me your best price for the early Anatolian Prayer kelim?

Also is there the presence of any repair, paint or reweaving

Many thanks


Soon thereafter we received newmans reply:

From: "Ronnie Newman" [email protected]
Date: Fri, August 24, 2012 5:45 pm

No repair, no paint, no reweaving

$25,000. firm!

We figured, knowing newman and his ask way too high prices, he would want try for $20,000 plus. Right on we were so we wasted no time in answering:

Dear Mr Newman:

It is a wonderful piece and I would be tempted at 15,000 usd

do we have a deal?

RK waited about 10 minutes and newman sent this email, remember in his last email he quoted $25,000 firm!

"Ronnie Newman" [email protected]
Date: Fri, August 24, 2012 6.18 pm


There has been quite a bit of interest!

Ha, Ha a lot of interest; my, my isnt Ronnie newman the consummate shoe-salesman.

RK knew this was nothing but stupid, amateurish sales-talk and again wasted no time emailing newman the following:

No, sorry, thanks for the reply

good luck to the other interested parties!

Of course RK knew there were no other interested parties and he was lying through his cavities.

Immediately, lo and behold, several minutes later we received this email from newman:

From: "Ronnie Newman" [email protected]
Date: Fri, August 24, 2012 6:28 pm

You can have it for $15,000..

Guess newmans firm! prices are as bogus as the rest of his demented and duplicitous actions in rugDUMB and beyond.

RK then came out of our pseudonym and emailed newman the following:

newman, you perverted clown

thanks for the nice email exchange

you will see it on RugKazbah.com soon

keep watching, RK will make you famous

RK first met newman in the early 1970s and our experiences with him proved to us he was a greedy, stupid, perverted clown who knew little about oriental rugs but did know how to ask enormous prices.

One of the worst things our long ago experiences with him taught was his penchant for showing us a piece just to elicit our comments, as he rarely really knew what he had.

We have some good stories to prove what we say about newman, but since he is in our opinion a detestable and revolting excuse for a human being we will end this here, and trust newmans performance above will convince readers we are 100 percent right about him.

Author: jc
Wed, Aug 29th, 2012 02:32:26 AM

You'd think anyone who was caught with their pants down like newman was, perish the thought in his case, would have removed the prayer kelim.

But the abject stupidity, greed, hubris and bogus self-righteousness of someone like ronnie newman, or an even grosser offender like dennis dodds, does not allow such confession.

Someone once said there's no such thing as bad publicity...too bad that rings hollow when that publicity highlights those like newman or dodds.

Author: jc
Sun, Aug 26th, 2012 12:08:37 AM

Some free advice for mr newman:

Price your kelim at $8,500 and it will sell, not to us of course as we would not buy a hundred dollar bill for a dollar from you.

And in the future ask reasonable prices for your merch, and not only will you sell it, without ripping off the buyer, but you will avoid looking like the greedy dumbass fool RK proved you are.


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