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Tue, Oct 16th, 2012 12:34:30 AM
Topic: Leipzig Turkmen Symposium 3: a troll squeaks up

Directly under Hans Konigs questionably honest letter/news concerning the hoffmeister collection review written by Michael Rothberg was an item on the so-called Turkmen symposium III held in June in Leipzig, Germany.

Written by thomas noack, one of the numerous organizers of these events, it, like the Konig piece, proves to be nothing but hype and publicity, surely nothing worthy of being called news.

RK has reviewed the two previous symposia, one of which (the second) is nothing but a copy of RKs Weaving Art Museum presentation on the same topic, which appeared long before noack and company got the idea to do theirs.

But reproduction, as someone wise once said, is the greatest form of flattery, and though RK knows this we do not like to be treated as if we, and our research, does not exist.

We surely do not need neophyte noack, or any of the other hoffscheister tools, to honor us; but, really, stealing our concepts and work is definitely not honorable.

But what else to expect from a bunch that allows a proven plagiarist, liar and cheat like peter hoffmeister to rule the roost?

And who else would publicly hype and pump his attempts to sell his less that stellar Turkmen collection by honoring it, and no less featuring it, in their symposium as if that was not the reason?

Below we reproduce a scan of noacks piece and offer some poignant comments.

1.We doubt there were 60 participants there, as we heard about 45 counting all the organizers and their wives.

2. And saying this was no small measure because of the presence of Frau Comrade Elena Tsavera is equally as eye-brow raising, as from what we heard a number of former participants purposely did not attend for that very reason.

3.Sorry we did not get to hear what naock calls hoffmeisters journey through time and space, beginning with early adventures in the 1970s.

FACT: Until the publication of the 1989 Tent Band Tent Bag book, which RK stupidly allowed hoffmeister to join, peter hoffmeister was basically a nobody in Turkmen rug circles and surely someone who knew little about these weavings.

RK spent enough time with hoffmeister the scheister to know this, and regardless of his name appearing in the book, he did next to nothing other than abrogate the agreements in our contract.

We have written much about this, published voluminous proof of our statements, and anyone who doubts, or does not believe, us is nothing but a prejudiced fool.

4.The duplicity of presenting a symposium where the owner of the subject collection is trying to sell it is damning.

What is worse is noacks following statement

He (hoffmeister) stressed the importance of the conservation aspects of collecting, in which his daughter Eva, a textile conservator, has been a valuable collaborator.

RugDUMB is so full of self-promotion and self-dealing maybe what noack writes is just par for the course, huh?

5.And who might those experts be who Tsavera queried for critique of her text?

Surely she did not ask RK or even recognize our documented criticism of her work.

And what were the opinions these experts raised without fear or favour?

Herr noack surely doesnt mention them but he does say they had raised every possible criticism

6.To this statement, which reeks of a from Gods lips to your ears import, RK says a resounding BULLSHIT, noack, you stupid troll.

No, no the organizers of the Leipzig group have put nails in their coffins by allowing their group to shamelessly promote hoffmeisters personal agendas.

And by traipsing along that rag hali does nothing but prove once more its lack of objectivity, honesty and truth in reporting RugDUMB events.

Mind you, reportage that makes the proverbial sows ear into far better a silk purse than their biased, yellow-journalism could possibly ever stitch up.

Author: jc
Tue, Oct 16th, 2012 12:34:30 AM

Hey there George M:

Yes, RK knows "In medicine and biology, scatology or coprology is the study of feces" but we did not know about Greek slang.

Thanks for the update.

RK is somewhat surprised you think what we have written about peter hoffmeister, aka hoffscheister, and scata has "sides".

Can there really be any doubt copying what RK did for their second meeting, or calling a publicity and hype session to pump sales of hoffscheister's book and his attempts to sell his collection for their third "symposia", are anything but what we wrote?

Author: George M
email: [email protected]
Sun, Oct 14th, 2012 08:25:24 PM

JC - Not to take sides in this discussion since I do not personally know any of the players or the rug questions involved, but be advised that "SCATA" is actually Greek slang for excrement and "bulls***".

Author: jc
Sun, Sep 2nd, 2012 12:55:34 AM

RK has received several email accusing us of publishing a "hit" piece against scata, its organizers, that rag hali, and thomas noack.

This is complete nonsense because publishing the truth, which is what we did and those email did not and could not negate, can never qualify as a "hit" piece.

There is little doubt noack's review is complete hype, and that rag hali titling it "Turkmen at its best" even more so.

Helping hoffmeister try to glorify his collecting 'efforts', i.e. spending money he inherited on far less than best of type Turkmen weavings, and now trying to advance his plan to find a "buyer" by "presenting" it at this symposium is surely nothing but self-interest "at its best".

Fact is choosing such a title does nothing but prove the magpie over at that rag hali's editorial offices are nothing but sycophant publicists who should be embarrassed for demeaning Turkmen weaving art.

And anyone who doubts organizing a symposium centered on someone's collection, which is for sale and has been for several years, is nothing but transparent self-interest and promotion needs a good wake-up call.

But, hey, that's typical for rugDUMB and one of the main reasons art collectors, museum professionals and the lay public are completely disinterested in learning about historic carpets and appreciating them as anything but floor covering.

So congratulations to a twit like noack, the rest of the scata organizers and that cheat, plagiarist and thief peter hoffmeister for their stupid attempts to glorify and justify a meeting that is and was nothing but another instantly forgettable event.

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