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Wed, Jun 13th, 2012 04:38:45 AM
Topic: Myer's Award 2012

The moribund and atrophied textile museum in Washington, DC's chairman of the BORED bruce, big mouth, baganz has just announced the 'winner' of the George Hewitt Myer's award for 2012 is professor walter denny.

While RK recognizes denny as a scholar in his field, which is the ceramics of the Ottoman Empire, we just as clearly recognize denny's academic inabilities when it come to carpets made outside the confines of "Ottoman" art.

We need only mention denny's incredibly stupid and idiotic vetting of the now famous dennis dodds "bellini" rug rip-off of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA).

How denny could have approved the purchase of dodds's late genre period reproduction "bellini" carpet as a 16th century museum worthy acquisition is beyond any doubt enough evidence to demonstrate our opinion.

Granted denny was not alone, "dr" jon thompson and louise mackie also made the huge error in judgment, which caused, and has continued to cause, questions about their expertise as well.

Also denny, after seeing the rug in person, recanted and is now on the record as believing the dodds "bellini" is not 16th century but "most probably mid 18th century" and that it is a "pretty rug".

In any event, LACMA's Collector's Committee, who purchased the rug on denny's approval, got ripped-off and the entire stinking affair has been covered up.

Only in rugDUMB would dodds have succeeded in basically stealing 250,000 dollars, the purchase price LACMA's Collector's Committee paid for the bogus "bellini", and someone like denny, who approved the purchase, remain unscathed by such a huge error.

By the way, denny's excuse was he only saw a photograph.

Too bad for denny, it is patently obvious from even a poor quality photograph dodds's "bellini" is a late genre period reproduction and not a genuine 16th century example.

So congratulations to dr. denny, who has contributed to the field, but his field is not oriental carpets, his vetting of the bogus "bellini" makes this absolutely certain.

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