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Fri, Aug 7th, 2015 05:46:28 AM
Topic: hazara gallery's "retirement" sales

Today, June 10th, 2012 Clars Auction Gallery in Berkeley, California, is holding the second going out of businesssale for the hazara gallery, also of Berkeley.

The owner of hazara gallery, one mohammed zavvar, like many similarly inclined middle eastern rug dealers is basically a know little pompous peddlar of floor covering who often describes his merch in far more significant and lofty terms.

Frankly, the machinations of mr zavvar in his going out of business ploys would surely not interest RK, as zavvar is so far down the totem pole we couldnt see him with binoculars.

But zavvar got on the wrong side of us some years ago and remains so, and this is the reason for RK giving him some notariety he surely doesnt deserve.

In the early 1990s RK was living in Marin County, which is just on the other side of the San Rafael Bridge from Berkeley, and we often would a few times a month cruise around in Berkley, checking out the antiques stores which used to be quite numerous in the east bay. Occassionally we would find something of interest, and every once and a while something worth all the near misses and many not worth getting out of the car visits.

This is no longer the case as those stores, and many other like them throughout California and the east coast, are closed and no longer are such forrays worth the time and effort.

We visited zavvars gallery on several occassions and never saw anything we liked or were even mildly interested.

But on one occassion mr zavvar, who usually was semi'haughty, full of himself and always asking why we did not buy something, seemed somewhat desperate as he followed RK around in his small gallery.

Come on he said Why dont you buy something this time. I will make you a special price".

No Thanks we replied You have nothing we want or need.

There must be something you will buy he insisted.

No we reiterated You have nothing we want".

Well, you collect soumak bags dont you. What about this one he said pointing to a good looking but not old or interesting enough for us, mid 19th century, example.

ts not for us we said and when he asked us why we told him its age and design were nothing wed bother with.

Look he said need to make a sale, I need money".

Dont we all we said tongue in cheek.

Listen zavvar said the price is 2500 dollars but you can have it for 1500.

No thanks we said starting to walk to the door as this conversation was getting boring.

K. OK, How about 1200 zavvar said trying to interest us.

Nope we repeated continuing to the door.

lright, alright, how much will you pay

Honestly, we really dont want it but for 800 dollars we will buy it.

Well, I cant sell it for that, I paid more zavvar intoned.

Good. No problem. We really dont want it", as we reached the door and started to walk out of his shoppe towards our car.

Zavvar followed us out of his shop and when we openend the car door he said Alright. alright you can have it but you must pay cash.

Well, we dont have it but we can go to the bank and get it for you".

He said Fine but please hurry in a now undisguised desperate tone.

So we left, got the cash, and returned taking the bag with us.

Some months later, we sold the bag to a visiting European dealer.

The next time we saw zavvar, which was maybe a year or so later at an icoc conference, he came huffing and puffing up to us and called us a cheat and a thief rather loudly and in public.

At first we did not know what the fuck zavvar was talking about but then as he sputtered out the story that hed found out we sold the soumak for three times what we paid for it we knew all.

Listen up, zavvar, you begged us to buy it, remember we did not want it and what we paid you is what you agreed to. So belt up and grow up".

He limped away that time but at the several other times our paths have crossed zavvars act has gotten more and more beligerant. And he still calls us a thief and a cheat.

What a cry baby, schmuck, is all RK can say.

So this is mohammed zavvar in action. Too bad there will be little action at his second Clars going out of business auction.

It will, we are sure, be an abysmal failure like the last one.

Good riddens to clowns like zavvar who, we are sure, will still be in business after this going out of business auction, just like the last one.

Author: EMK
email: [email protected]
Fri, Aug 7th, 2015 05:46:28 AM

Dear Ed, the brother RK never had:

Yes, this is a discussion board, and yes RK is interested in discussion not only listening to our own echo.

All that and more said we still cannot understand your reason for writing.

Sure as shootin' your comments have to be interpreted as trying to be zavvar supportive.

And since your profess to having had successful dealing with him, might that be enough reason for you to come to his defense?

If so, you really have not exhibited willingness to take the bullet for him, or even to push him out of the way, now have you?

Plus we are sure zavvar himself has read this and the fact he remains silent, like your refusal to say anything really positive about his character, doesn't do anything to negate our damning comments.

And lastly, yes, RK agrees this discussion has already gone on too long and has not done anything to amplify our initial words zavvar is a carpetbagging creep whose actions demonstrate many people's idea a carpet dealer is lower than the pad under the carpet in their living room.


Brother Cassin:

In your latest post you write, '-----why are you (EMK) bothering to write about your experience with him---'.

Let's see, oh, I thought of a reason.

Because someone designated this space as a 'discussion' forum.

Yes, that's it, for purpose of discussion.

Well, I think it is time to 'wrap this up'. Strangely, we do not really disagree.

One of us is talking 'oranges' and the other 'apples'. Anyway, be well and best wishes,

Author: EMK
email: [email protected]
Thu, Aug 6th, 2015 10:34:02 PM

RK Replies:

Well, Ed, if you agree your words did nothing to "disprove" our comments about zavvar and you "have no idea who he really is" why are you bothering to write about your personal experiences with him when this not only does nothing to put our comments into any other light or prove he is not what and how we have pictured him?

RK did not discuss or even infer zavvar is anything but someone who declared he is retiring, had two very public sales titled as 'retirement sales', and now years later is still in business and holding more sales.

Also we recounted how after willingly selling us a piece zavvar then, when he found out we sold it well, accused us of being a thief and a cheat.

Both these facts show zavvar to be the carpetbagging creep we have declared he is, and your good experience with him does not change that.

We thank you for your appreciation of our efforts to call the shots as they arewhen few others in rugDUMB would dare to be so vocal in public, although RK well knows in private most say they agree with our positions.


Precision in language is both important and fundamental if one hopes to be an effective communicator.

It is in this context that I must reply to your confusing reaction to my comments about Mr. Zavvar.

First, you write 'Absolutely nothing to disprove----'. I agree with you completely.

In fact, I never even mentioned the experiences of anyone other than myself.

I simply communicated my experience.

Secondly, I never expressed 'warm and cuddly' feelings about Mr. Zavvar.

I never even implied that I was 'tight with him' whatever that means in this context. Rather I merely expressed by personal business experience.

Thirdly, you observe quite correctly that I have no idea 'who he really is'.

I agree with you completely.

Again, I only expressed my personal business experiences.

Because precision in language is important, I must point out that nothing I wrote was a testament to the general character of Mr. Zavvar.

I do not know his general character.

Rather, I can only speak to my personal and direct business experience with him.

Finally, although we apparently disagree on this one keep up your interesting and informative comments.

They are certainly needed in our little 'rug world'.

Author: EMK
email: [email protected]
Wed, Aug 5th, 2015 10:04:38 AM

RK Replies:

Hello Ed Koch and thanks for your take on zavvar.

However, you being an attorney should realize what you have said about your personal experiences does absolutely nothing to disprove, or discount, what RK has written.

So we guess your effort, particularly with its preamble, is nothing but a character statement to try and diffuse what RK has said.

Sorry, Ed, but we are sure 99% of the readers will have to agree with us your warm and cuddly feelings for mr zavvar are completely meaningless when it comes to determining who he really is.

Just think about one aspect, zavvar's "retirement sales" and then his shamelessly remaining in business.

Since you are so tight with him, how about asking the 64,000 dollar question why he had those sales and still remains in business?

RK would surely like to hear his answer, and we are sure our readers would as well.

But forgive us for saying we are sure there will be no mea culpa from a carpetbagger like zavvar and rather he will either remain silent and pretend he did not hear you or offer up some sticky as a box of microwaved dates excuse like God told him the world needs his doors to remain open.

Sorry for poking fun at your buddy zavvar but quite frankly he surely deserves far more of a roasting then RK has bothered to give him.


I do not write to challenge, contradict or dismiss the experiences of others with respect to Mohammad Zavvar, Hazara Gallery or auctions held at his gallery. About the experiences of others I know nothing and cannot comment. That said I have known Mohammad for nearly twenty years. I have bought from him. I have sold to him. I have had numerous dealing with him, first as a collector and then as a dealer. My experiences with him have always been positive. I have found him to be honest, trustworthy and competent.

Author: jc
Tue, Aug 4th, 2015 02:16:07 PM

At least this time hazara gallery's owner mohammad zavvar is not hiding his desperation to sell his inventory and who knows who else's merchandise under the rubic of a 'going out of business sale'.

Guess after doing that twice zavvar, the rug nincompoop, finally realized he had better submarine that one and just call it a rug auction.

So this past Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015, zavvar had another sale on liveauctioneers.com and while 1000 seemed to have been the top price and 63 out of the 133 items supposedly sold ( a 47% rate) we are having trouble putting any credence in that figure after his past auction results were a suspicious as a man in a black hood with a drawn gun entering the local branch of your bank.

RK has profiled mr zavvar and told our experience with this tin-horn rug dealer, who like most carpet merchants of dubious character thinks nothing of having a going out of business sale and then remaining in business for years after.

Oh well, when it comes to anyone entering his shoppe in Berkeley California all RK can say is caveat emptor.

Author: AndrewF
email: [email protected]
Wed, Feb 4th, 2015 09:20:31 PM

Greetings Andrew and thanks for your opinion.

However much you might like and "respect" mr zavvar the facts of the matter support our comments about him.

And surely yours have not attempted even in the slightest way to prove what we have said about him is incorrect.

Facts are far more important than opinions, so next time you want to try and discount or nullify what someone else says RK reminds you to do it with facts and not worthless personal opinions.

Someone once said "opinions are like arseholes everyone one has one."

Best of luck, Andrew, with your one man zavvar cheerleading.


Mr. Zavvar is not a pompous peddler! This is not the man I have known for many years and who has earned my respect! If you're going to attempt to use social media to BLAST someone's character based on your immature vengeance, please look at yourself and try to improve yourself!

Author: jc
Fri, Sep 26th, 2014 11:55:11 AM

In rug-idiot mohammed zavvar's continuing "retirement sales" BS, today RK learned of an online auction he is holding.

For a good laugh read the introduction:

"Welcome to the Hazara Gallery Auction.

For the past 45 years I have been collecting and selling high-quality oriental rugs and textiles, most of which have been very old or antique. For three decades Hazara Gallery, located in the Rockridge district of Oakland, California, has catered to discriminating collectors, decorators, national and international dealers, as well as local clientele who are looking for exceptional pieces with which to furnish their homes and offices.

Unfortunately, there are no local auction houses that specialize in rugs and textiles. Therefore, I have decided to attempt to fill this need by creating a single-focused auction venue.

Our very first auction will offer some of the finest examples of antique and old woven art available, either in Northern California or anywhere else. It will also include pieces from local collectors who desired to assist by adding a few of their own treasures to help us enlarge the representation of items, and to ensure that all areas of tribal and city rug production would be on offer. Please bid with confidence, and do not hesitate to contact us."

RK sincerely doubts zavvar has been collecting old rugs for 45 years and we are far more sure he has not been selling them for that time period. In 1969? Please get real, zavvar, and quit the crapola.

Also after holding two (2009 and 2011), or maybe even more, "retirement" sales at Clar's auction gallery, which is located in Berkeley a stones-throw from zavvar's Hazara gallery, the part of his spiel about there being no rug auctions in his area is also phoney baloney.

And calling the mediocre and worse 120 lots in the sale "...some of the finest examples of antique and old woven art available, either in Northern California or anywhere else." is not only ludicrous, it's nothing but complete horse manure.

Like his previous "retirement sales" RK can easily predict zavvar's latest auction will be a complete failure, and if he expects attendees at the Capri Motel rug show to troop over to his gallery and bring their wallets he is as mistaken as he is about the quality of his auction goods.

We'd have a number of helpful hints for zavvar but the first would be to change the name of his gallery from The Hazara Gallery to The Hazari Gallery.

Best of luck with your sale, zavvar, you chump.

Author: jc
Sun, Jun 10th, 2012 06:28:42 PM

The hazara gallery second going out of business sale is now finished.

And guess what....out of the 244 lots on offer only ONE did not sell, the others almost entirely selling for a quarter to a third of the high estimates.

Now this strikes RK as being as fishy as the proverbial stink in Denmark.

Either zavvar paid Clars alot of commissions for his, or some on his behalf, buyingback most of the mediocrities on offer. Or Clars was complicit in the deal and allowed shill bidding to make things seem like they were selling.

Regardless of what appears to have happened, RK is positive there is more to the story here than a bunch of zavvars rugs selling for low prices.

RK has attended and viewed thousands of auctions and we have never seen 243 lots out of 244 sell.

And in todays diminished auction market, especially for oriental carpets, we sincerely doubt this was anything but a flim flam scam.

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