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Tue, May 1st, 2012 11:24:47 AM
Topic: What's Wrong with Boswell:

There have never been many constants in the business of selling oriental rugs; however one, for instance, was when seeing a "going out of business" sign in a rug shop window you could be assured the shop would be there long after the sign disappeared.

Another, which old-timer ruggies will remember, were the often absurdly high 'schtzpreis' or estimates the lots in rippon boswell's auctions in Weisbaden, Germany carried.

A corollary was the even more surprising fact boswell had clients who appeared to be goo-goo dusted by some fairy and at each sale could be seen waving their paddles high in the thin air surrounding such prices to 'win' the prize.

But, alas, all good things do eventually end, and it appears that goo-goo dusting fairy has departed for other climes and boswell's 'schtzpreis' estimates have plummeted to the ground like Icarus caught in a blast-furnace.

Times are surely tough, especially in rugDUMB, and the old expression: "When times get tough, the tough get going." obviously isn't boswell, aka detlef maltzahn, the sole remaining proprietor's mantra.

Fact is one might amend it in his case to say "When the going gets tough, those who ain't tough get toughed, ie run over."

And, therefore, boswell's now absurd penchant to place ridiculously low 'schtzpreis' estimates on his consigned goods can only be called an about face dumber than a box of moist rocks.

RK realizes placing enticingly low estimates on auction lots is a ploy many auctioneers use, and we have commented several times on the foolishness of such practice.

But in boswell's case it is even more egregiously phony considering his long-as-we-can-remember track record of doing exactly the opposite.

The 'major Spring' 2012 auction rippon boswell catalog is now online and RK just finished perusing it, and the stupid low 'schtzpreis' estimates stick out further than a shiny new Rolls Royce in Harlem or Watts.

Yeeshhhh, what's wrong with boswell? Has he dumped a load in his pants or is he just shitless scared he won't be able to sell anything?

RK plans to soon comment on some of the lots on offer, a scant few of which are decidedly better than anything in boswell's last go-round sale some months ago, or the one before it.

We have heard differing reports about that effort's success but the fact boswell has not yet posted the prices realized would seem to support those who have told us the sale was not very successful.

Surely the level of merch on offer was less than sterling, regardless of the deservedly low estimates.

By the way, a handful or two of the lots in the spring 2012 sale carry high 'schtzpreis' estimates, but they are mild in comparison to what used to be.

Might we infer boswell is trying gently to coax the goo-goo dusting fairy to return?

If so we might suggest sacrificing both a sheep and a cow, and maybe a virgin or two. After all, as we have heard it, boswell never left more than a few stale cookies on the mantel for Santa Claus, and, trust RK on this one, that ain't going to work with the goo-goo dusting fairy.

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