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Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 06:41:16 AM
Topic: A Pen doesn't a Commentator Make

While RK has moaned about the level of expertise exhibited by auctioneers and self-styled pundits and commentators on the rug scene we have rarely witnessed the stupidity of a certain skirt-wearing airhead's internet "review" of the Nagel sale published on jozan.net.

That website is surely not known for insightful or erudite ruminations, especially those coming from the pen of wannabe a rug dealer Ms.Haberkern.

Frankly, all RK could say is this lass should spending her time kneeding bread rather than trying to make it peddling rugs, or worse publicizing her lamebrain ideas about them.

There surely is a lack of competent individuals capable of communicating both facts and interesting ideas about antique Oriental rugs. But Mr. Jozan, who by the way is as lost in the sauce as Haberkern, should have by now had enough experience to either find someone competent or refrain from publishing the type of rug-babble that characterizes Haberkern's missives.

RK deosn't have the time or the stomach to totally take Haberkern to task for her last effort, which focused on the Nagel sale. But, since we are interested in Turkmen rugs and have already expressed out views on the sale, we will make a comment or two about the following incredibly dumb Haberkernisms.

The first concerns lot 18 the so-called in the catalog "knotted panel with two kejebe gol"

lot 18

Here what Ms know nothing Haberkern has to say:

"a knotted panel with two kejebe gols, which can probably be attributed to the Saryk tribe and sold for a hammer price of 40,000 euros."

This is nothing but naked stupidity, as the panel in question is not symmetrically knotted but rather open to the right. Forget about the fact there is considerable warp depression, both criteria no Saryk anything RK has ever seen exhibit.

We do know Ms Haberkern hangs out, perhaps in more ways than one, with two old time ruggies whose take on rugDUMB might qualify them to be called poster boys for such moniker.

Both of them are foolish enough and full of themselves enough to express such a dopey attribution for the Loges kejebe piece. Oh, their names are craycraft and frauenknecht, should anyone be curious.

Now RK does not know for a fact Haberkern's idea the kejebe torba is Saryk came from these two magpies but since she clearly doesn't know a Saryk from a strudel and frequently is seen with them it is a good chance this is the source.

But as embarrassing as that was the following, believe it or not, is even worse:

"The Dr. Loges collection also included a piece that personally surprised me: Lot 22, a Tekke Choval Front with an appraised price of 600 euros, sold for a hammer price of 7,500 euros, apparently appealing to a buyer abroad bidding by phone."

Lot 22

Knowing this rare, early enough, and in excellent condition Tekke torba would eclipse its ridiculously low estimate is a no-brainer. Well, it should be for anyone who believes they can scribble a review and have it published, even on a down-market website like jozan.net.

Again, we suggest Ms Haberkern forget about her desire to be a rug pundit, let alone a rug dealer, and go back to things more in keeping with her abilities, which as we have heard it include kneeding dough and baking bread for a living.

Author: a pen doesn't a commentator make
email: tjvd
Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 06:41:16 AM

RK Replies:Ahoy, Alaskan Halibut-butt head

If it's such a crap website how come it gets thousands of visitors, hitting tens of thousands of pages, every month?

Go change your adult diapers, ask your children for help paying your rent and get lost.

See you later, alligator


And a crap websites does not a weaving art museum and research institute make.

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