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Tue, Jan 24th, 2012 06:07:52 AM
Topic: Joseph McMullan Award 2012

RK has just learned Elena Tsareva will be the next "winner" of the Joe McMullan award.

In describing Tsareva that rag hali had this, and more, to say:

"Elena Tsareva is a scholar and curator at the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera) in St Petersburg, Russia. Previously, for over thirty years, she was at the Russian Museum of Ethnography as curator of Central Asian collections and later as curator of the Carpet, Felt and Weapons Department. She is a member of both the International and the Academic Committees of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets, and a contributing editor of HALI Magazine. Dr Tsareva is the author of over 100 publications with focus on the archaeological textiles of Eurasia with emphasis on the history of costume, and on the origin and development of knotted carpet weaving."

While we did not know she has authored "over 100" publications, we do know she wrote the text to the peter hoffmeister, the carpet-scheister, plagarist and cheat, collection book, as well as the catalog of the Russian state Turkmen collections.

RK has exhaustively examined and critiqued what Tsarva wrote in the hoffmeister catalog and how anyone could call such work scholarship is beyond us.

And although we have not taken Tsareva to task for what she wrote in the Russian collections Turkmen catalog we can definitively state it, too, is bereft of anything that even resembles the work of a scholar.

Perhaps are the other 98 or so publications better efforts?

RK will be willing to bet a fist full of 100 dollar bills against that proverbial box of doughnut holes we have mentioned before they aren't and Tsareva is but another empty vessel rugDUMB has christened a "scholar".

It is also interesting Tsareva's CV in rugDUMB never mentions her "relationship" with robert pinner, who acted both as her "mentor" and doe-eyed lover. Gee, wonder why?

Fact also remains this award has been given to others who are equally as challenged as alleged scholars...need we mention dennis the thief and carpet know-little dodds, "won" it in 1996?

We have said this before, and are not afraid to say it again: RK is sure Joe McMullan, who was a no nonsense guy, is probably rolling around in his mausoleum and gnashing his teeth at poseurs like Tsareva, and thieves like dodds, being awarded something in his name....forget about the travesty he is forced to witnesses every time a rug-clown and empty suit like bruce big mouth baganz opens his mouth to utter McMullan's name.

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