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Tue, Jan 10th, 2012 09:18:39 PM
Topic: that rag hali: latest issue

RK has not seen the latest issue of that rag hali, however, we have seen a list of contents and thought we'd make a few off the cuff comments.

The first concerns our curiosity whether or not the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) included the bogus, late genre period reproduction, "bellini rug" dennis dodds lied and cheated his way into selling the Museum in their Gifts of the Sultan exhibition.

RK is sure there is absolutely no one in rugDumb who still honestly believes dodds's selling the bogus-"bellini" to LACMA's Collector's Committees was anything but a deception and blatant rip-off.

So was LACMA foolish enough to include it in the show?

Frankly, we can't wait to find out, and will report back here when we do.

The second item of interest is the review of "Turkmen Carpets Masterpieces of Steppe Art" (the peter hoffsheister collection) written by Elena Tsareva and reviewed for hali by Michael Rothberg.

As RK's readership knows an extensive chapter by chapter commentary on the hoffscheister collection and Tsareva's text appeared here some months ago.


Again, we have to admit mild curiosity as to where and how Rothberg will come down and deal with the many questionable, spurious and specious statements in Tsareva text RK's commentary raised and highlighted.

This is not to forget wondering what Rothberg will write about hoffscheister's almost lighter than air, say next to nothing comments as well.

RK will be glad to bet dollars to doughnut holes Rothberg will avoid the truth and instead continue to gloss over the fact Tsareva's text rarely, if at all, does anything to further Turkmen studies.

Fact is, as a paid for hire gun, she only wrote what pleased hoffscheister and in doing so continued to prove the myth of her alleged Turkmen scholarship is just that -- a myth

There is little doubt truth rarely exists in that rag hali's self-interested editorial policies; nor that this is but one other notch in the belt of rugDumb's continuing decline and demise.

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