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Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 09:19:00 PM
Topic: Little Lies are still Lies

This morning RK took a look at michael franses's website and to some what we are going to say might be inconsequential but in fact it truly isn't.

Here franses's description of his activities, which appears on his homepage:

"Since the early 1970s, Michael and Jacqueline Franses have presented antique textiles which express the highest and purest forms of this art. textile-art are able to offer for sale examples from a wide variety of cultures, while specialising in textile art from the Near East, Central Asia and the Far East, including carpets from the 17th century and earlier. We are members of the British Antique Dealers' Association. Michael Franses is a Consultant Editor of Hali, The International Magazine of Antique Carpets and Textiles and a former member of the Board of The European Fine Art Foundation. He was also a co-founder of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC)."

In the early 1970's franses was NOT selling any rugs, he was going to school and it was not until he DROPPED out of MIDDLE SCHOOL well before graduation day and began to work for his father Robert in 1974 or 75 that he started to deal with rugs.

Also now that franses is the MAJORITY OWNER of that rag hali, it would be far more honest and truthful for him to state the truth and not that he is a still just the "consulting editor".

But truth and honesty are qualities the rug dealing fraternity is, well let's just say, challenged and franses's bogus claims are typical deceptions.

We know quite a bit more about franses and his activities, both past and more recent, but we will save making them public until a better time presents itself...like when we release our autobiography which will not pull any punches or leave the guilty unscathed.

Author: WAMRI is a scam
email: yjhrjh
Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 09:19:00 PM

RK Replies:

By now anyone reading your asinine accusations has to be convinced you are nothing but a moronic troll.

Again we leave what you have written as a memorial.


Let's concentrate on your big lies...Though there is no profit to it, WAMRI is not a non-profit, Mr. Jack Cassin. Your wamri is not a non-profit organization recognized by any legal entity in the United States where it is said to be located. The IRS has no record of it. Now dont try to give that sad lie that weaving art museum and research institute is recognized by the state of California as a non-profit. It is not, which seems to mean it is recognized only by your imagination or as part of your ongoing sad attempt at self aggrandizement. Though, you may have received a letter of recognition for the first year after you filed with Sacramento, that letter, and the standing of your organization were contingent on you fulfilling your obligations as a director including, assembling a board of directors, filing for final non-profit status with the IRS, and filing annually and submitting applicable fees for Sacramento. Under California law, since you failed to get non-profit status from the federal government alone, you do not have it in California. There is no record of any non-profit organization of any sort named wamri, or involving you in any capacity. You are perpetuating a fraud. WAMRI is a SCAMRI.

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