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Wed, Nov 9th, 2011 12:49:23 PM
Topic: rip-on boswell Fall auction 2011

Today RK got the opportunity to peruse the rip-on bozwell catalog, and to say we were underwhelmed might be an understatement.

We saw alot of very mediocre mid-19th century Turkmen pieces at varying "estimate"prices that frankly had little to do with their real merit or value, and a couple of earlier ones that again had estimates that were silly low or foolish high.

One thing is sure, though, boswell--aka detlef maltzahn, has joined "the estimate it low to garner interest regardless of the fact it is worth more" auctioneer circle.

This is no doubt do to the dwindling number of buyers and the competition between rug auctioneers to entice interest and then follow-through on sale day.

As usual maltzahn's pattering descriptions contain some comic-book quality ideas and provenances.

Were RK still interested in demonstrating what a turko-poseur he is we'd take the time but what a waste it would be considering the many times we have already done so in the past.

Like all the other turko-poseurs and clowns in rugDumb, steev turko-dumbell price comes instantly to mind, maltzahn is a terminator, and no matter how many holes you blast through him, what's left just keeps on coming.

RK has no more energy for him, or the likes of others we could easily name and shame.

RK has learned our lesson -- that being our time is far better spent elsewhere than proving what dummies the maltzahn's, steev price=clown's and other pundits of equally debatable rug-stature are.

Also, rather than do our former pre-sale commentary, and picture some of the lots in the sale, we might do a post-sale one just so we can put on record our opinions of what sold for what.

By the way, we have heard Nagel will be selling a number of pieces from our old friend Werner Loges' collection in their next auction which will be held in March 2012, so keep eyes peeled for that catalog early next year.

There should be little doubt Turkmen rug collecting has now become the major focus of the non-Classical carpet world and that Turkmen rug prices are increasing each year.

And there is no doubt this is the reason bozwell has about half the catalog devoted to older Turkmen weavings.

However, because the audience, ie buyers, for examples costing more than 2500 euro is very, very small and the knowledge base of these buyers has increased in the past 10 years, we doubt maltzahn will be successful in finding, at best, buyers for more than 30-40 percent of his offerings.

Let's see what happens, but in the meantime RK is willing to book anyone's bet who believes we are wrong....so pony up with us should you care to have some action on race day.

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