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Tue, Jan 14th, 2014 11:29:02 PM
Topic: How do you spell cheat, liar and thief?

Easy: d-e-n-n--i-s--d-o-d-d-s

Just for drill RK is, for the third time, again calling to attention a photograph of dennis dodds standing in front of his bogus bellini rug trying to sell it at the 1990 icoc dealers fair.

The last time we did it had the title "Lying sack of shit".

Let's all remember dodds told the LACMA curator Dale Gluckman, who helped him with the sale that the rug had NEVER been offered for sale and had been in his private collection for 25 years.

She trusted his words and as soon as LACMA learned the truth lost her job.

Soon thereafter the LACMA's director, Andrea Rich, abruptly left the museum and disappeared from the museum world.

Seems listening to dodds can be fatal to ones employment opportunities, huh?

Read on and make up your own mind whether dodds' actions in selling the bogus late genre period reproduction "bellini" to LACMA's Collectors Committee were honest and worthy or thieving, dishonest and completely reprehensible.

Of course the lying sack of shit RK refers to is dennis, the thief, dodds, and while RK has extensively documented the lies and deceit dodds used to convince the now disgraced and fired LACMA curator, dale gluckman, to recommend the rug's purchase we recently uncovered this photo.

dennis dodds at his booth during the
1990 Dealers Fair at the icoc event in San Francisco

detail showing dodds in front of the boguslate genre
period bellini LACMAsdonors paid $250,000 for in 2004

When RK first spoke to gluckman she told us Mr Dodds never offered the rug for sale before he offered it to us.

This photo, as well as a host of others we have published, clearly demonstrate what a liar dodds is -- forget about how full of shit he is concerning the rug itself.

Five years on RK is still disgusted dodds has gotten away scot-free with the greatest and most despicable rug crime of the past 125 years.

And so should you

By the way, no one bought it in 1990, and still to this day no one would ever have unless dodds found another naive and trusting soul, like gluckman, who could have foolishly written a check, or gotten someone else to.

To think dodds who is the president of the icoc, recipient of the McMullan award and others, has yet to be called out or even questioned by anyone except RK makes us even more disgusted.

And it should disgust you, too...

Author: How do you spell fraud? W-A-M-R-I
email: 4
Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 10:53:26 PM

RK Replies:

Good morning midget-brain:

Below is a screen shot made 10 minutes ago showing the US Government Internal Revenue Service web-page where the Weaving Art Museum's credentials are listed.

Go take a look and you will see facts, unlike the nonsense BS you have written.

RK has put two red arrows there, one pointing to the URL so you and anyone else can verify it and the second where the "Deductibility Status" (PC) is listed.

We have included the IRS chart to show what the PC status means.

We have also underlined in red WAMRI's EIN to help a fool like you prove to yourself what a big-mouth idiot you are.

RK is often amused by the stupidity in RugDUMB, and you have well demonstrated that.

So go back to your mother's basement, enjoy your cornflakes and moo-juiceand next time go do the research before opening your mouth.

And by the way, numnuts, dodds is a proven thief, liar and cheat regardless of whether or not you or anyone else in RugDUMB recognizes those facts.


Jack it is completely hypocritical and ironic for you of all people to appoint yourself as the arbiter of ethical standards anywhere. You are a complete fraud and huckster. For example: WAMRI is not a non-profit organization nor is it a museum, Mr. Jack Cassin. Your wamri is not a non-profit organization recognized by any legal entity in the United States where it is said to be located. The IRS has no record of it. Now dont try to give that sad lie that weaving art museum and research institute is recognized by the state of California as a non-profit. It is not, which seems to mean it is recognized only by your imagination or as part of your ongoing sad attempt at self aggrandizement. Though, you may have received a letter of recognition for the first year after you filed with Sacramento, that letter, and the standing of your organization were contingent on you fulfilling your obligations as a director including, assembling a board of directors, filing for final non-profit status with the IRS, and filing annually and submitting applicable fees for Sacramento. Under California law, since you failed to get non-profit status from the federal government alone, you do not have it in California. There is no record of any non-profit organization of any sort named wamri, or involving you in any capacity. You are perpetuating a fraud. WAMRI is a SCAM.

Author: ????
Sat, Nov 12th, 2011 06:44:01 AM

Oy little boy anonymous:

Glad to hear from you...too bad you have nothing of interest tosay.

And just for the record, RK is nobody's bitch but we'd be pretty sureyou are.

Enjoy, but do it elsewhere...like maybe @dennis dodds' place?


How did Barry turn into Grigor? You know,Barry, the expert who leads NY rug tours that teaches newbies how to not get ripped off by the bad guys? Are you HIS bitch now?

Author: Grigor
email: [email protected]
Sat, Nov 5th, 2011 04:29:03 PM

RK Replies:

Hey there Grigor:

Thanks for the reference and could you possibly send us a scan of the advertisement?

info (at) rugkazbah (dot) com

And thanks again


This rug also advertised to Oriental Rug Review June/July 1991 Vol. XI, Number 5, the page is 5.

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