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Mon, Oct 24th, 2011 01:08:06 PM
Topic: SF Rug week

RK imagines all of RugDumb knows beginning tomorrow, thursday Oct 20, 2011, and lasting for some days hence, San Francisco, California will be the in-spot for rug dealers, collectors and aficionados both local and those who will travel far to attend.

We find the pre-event hype, from the organizers of the Capri motel rent-a-room sell-a-rug-a-thon calling their 'show' "America's premier antique rug and textile event" to the deYoung Museum dusting off some McCoy and Caroline Jones kelim and hanging them on the wall after 20 years of doing absolutely nothing with the collection since its last showing, amusing.

In fact, we find it bordering on comical or would farcical be a better way to describe it?

Anyway, RK is surely not trying to rain on anyone's parade; we're only stating what is obvious -- well obvious to anyone who knows the difference between reality and hype.

We must say we are sure that, like at the Stockholm icoc dealer's fair, there will be some interesting weavings on offer and would urge everyone to consider attending the Capri show, regardless of the over-hype we mention above.

Since RK is a Kelim collector, and someone who has expended considerable energy and time trying to raise appreciation for 'flat-weaves' and other small-scale society weavings, we see efforts by others, especially any museum like the deYoung's, as most welcome.

But, and its a big one, presenting weavings with out accompanying curatorial work is far less than half the battle that is needed, might we say required, for really raising appreciation.

Sadly, the deYoung suffers a distinct lack in that department, which is regrettable as were this not the case RK is sure they could raise both its stature and that of the collections of weavings it has be gifted in the last 20 years or so(Jones, Hecksher and Weidersperg).

Frankly, RK was rather miffed our offering assistance to the deYoung's curator, Jill Allesandro, several years ago when the plans for the show were being considered, was rebuffed and ignored.

Someone close to the museum told us "how can you expect the deYoung to work with you after what you did to LACMA?"

To say we found this comment to be stupid, specious and absurd, considering RK's exposure of the dodds caper was surely warranted, would be an understatement.

Forget about the fact we only went public with the story after our offer to help LACMA resolve their "problem" with dodds' late genre period "bellini" carpet was summarily rejected and, instead of facing the truth and trying to rectify their errors, RK then raised our voice even louder when the museum chose to attempt to cover them up and shoot the messenger in the process.

Oh well, this is not the first time a shoot the messenger gambit has been tried and, like most other instances, history will prove the foolishness of such a choice in l'affaire dodds.

But back to SF rug week.

Reading that rag hali's blurb "...numerous events including the Antique Rug & Textile Show, lectures, exhibitions and parties." would give one the idea lots was going to happen.

But typical for the hypsters at that rag hali there is only one exhibition, the deYoung's; one lecture, also at the deYoung(more about that in a few seconds); and three "parties", which are at commercial galleries where the focus will be on the goods that will be for sale.

Hardly an action packed week, huh?

And while we are sure our friend Alberto Levi will do a good job, he is the only "lecturer" at the deYoung event, the panel discussion will feature Ms. cathy flying penis and where's my commission cootner.

Honestly, how cootner has the nerve to show her face in the deYoung after her single-handed destruction of any chance the deYoung Museum would ever become the center of textile studies in America, as was envisioned by former director Harry Parker, is truly amazing.

Not to mention cootner's use of her curator's position at the deYoung to shepherd buyers into jim blackmon's gallery, or other dealer's booths at the SF tribal fair, with "must buy" recommendations.

Not very nice, and in RK's opinion cootner, like dodds, is nothing but selfish, greedy, carpet-bagging pond-scum that needs to be cleaned out of RugDumb's tiny watering-hole.

Oh my, my....but before we sign off RK wants to make clear we wish all our hard working dealer friends who are "showing" at the Capri some good sales and some good fun.

Author: jc
Mon, Oct 24th, 2011 01:08:06 PM

From what we have heard the Capri motel got a goodly number of prospective buyers and, in fact, some did more than prospecting.

Rumor has it a few dealers did well and others less so but, in general, things turned out better than expected...

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