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Tue, Oct 4th, 2011 01:07:42 PM
Topic: Interesting rugs at a recent auction

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RK Replies:

We did not see your post until a reader emailed us a photo of one of the rugs you wrote in about.

Here is the photo of the "pomegranate" rug we received:

We do not in any way believe this rug is 15th century.

It might be Spanish but we'd bet it is 19th century at best.

Maybe someone has a photo of the other rug "robert" mentioned? If so we'd like to see it as well.


Two interesting old rugs sold a few weeks ago at Bodnars, a small New Jersey auction house.

At least one of the rugs was pictured in a pre-sale advertisement.

It exhibited a strapwork lattice field (red-green color contrast) with pomegranate design, and a kufesque-type border. A post-sale write-up pictured this rug and another rug with an open field, central star medallion, and an exceptionally wide, compartmented border.

Bodnars was quoted as saying both rugs came from an old NJ estate and that they had not previously seen rugs with these designs before. The rugs were described as being in rather poor condition with wear and repairs, according to Bodnars the kind of rugs that someone unfamiliar with antiques would have thrown out.

The pomegranate rug sold for about $4,500 and the medallion rug sold for about $2,300. The purchaser of both was said to be a NY dealer.

From the picture alone, the pomegranate rug appeared to be Spanish (I was not at the sale to see it in the flesh), possibly late fifteenth century, with a design derived from a woven textile. The medallion rug, severely worn, is more unusual and difficult to decipher from the poor quality picture. If, in fact, they are Spanish and as old as they look, then potentially the buy of the year and one to rival the Brunks rug. What, if anything, has RK.com heard about these interesting rugs?

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