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Thu, Oct 17th, 2013 12:34:15 AM
Topic: FAILURE: The textile museum moves to GWU

RK has just heard the textile museum will be closing its doors and moving lock, stock and barrel to George Washington University's (GWU) new campus.

While the fine print and details of what is called a "historic association" between an "existing museum" and a university have not been announced this move can only signify the FAILURE of bruce baganz, chairman of the textile museum board, and the entire board of directors of the textile museum, to preserve, forget about enlarge, the museum George H. Myer's founded.

And although it is far better for baganz and the board to recognize their complete inability to follow through on any of the proposed announcements and press releases they have issued in the past 5 or 6 years, since having been in control of the textile museum, and now merge with George Washington University RK can only imagine what Mr. Myer's reaction would be.

Let's all remember bruce aka bigmouth baganz hired with great fanfare, then soon fired, dan aka do nothing walker after proclaiming walker would be the new broom need to sweep clean the textile museum's dusty condition. Then baganz harked and hyped a proposed textile museum move, that never happened and ended costing the museum a considerable loss of money, reputation and face, to a space on Washington DC's Mall.

As someone who has followed closely the decline and downward spiral the textile museum has flown for the past 4 decades RK believes it is not a physical move that is need to reverse this course but an entire change of leadership.

It's high time to get rid of big mouth baganz and his band of dumbell "rugdumb swells" who call themselves the textile museum's board of directors.

Instead of trying to "Save" the textile museum big mouth baganz and the idiots on the board should all resign and a new group of capable and innovative members and a leader should replace them.

There is absolutely no doubt baganz and his board of directors have steered the textile museum to the brink of disaster and, quite frankly, who could possibly believe their latest and greatest plan, the GWU merger, will do anything other than postone or at best prolong the situation?

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 17th, 2013 12:34:15 AM

Greetings GAM:

RK is in touch with Nikki Broadwell.

We share your opinion something is wrong at the Textile Museum.

RK has been vocal about bruce, big mouth, baganz (the chairman of the board) and the rest of the board's stupid decisions since baganz assumed his position.

So far all baganz and the board have done is ruin and now destroy the heritage George Hewitt Myers bestowed when he setup the Textile Museum.

It is fine time for those in RugDUMB to wake up to the fact the premier institution in this field has been wrecked by the ignorant, self-serving decisions baganz and the board of directors have made.

Perhaps Nikki Broadwell and her family will begin to inspect these decisions and hold responsible those like baganz who have made them.

RK is sick and tired of championing issues like this, and the dennis dodds rip-off of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, alone and without any support from the community of collectors and dealers.

There is absolutely no doubt dennis dodds is a lair and a thief.

Nor is there any doubt bruce baganz is a fool, a feckless slob who has singlehandedly mismanaged the Textile Museum and now has destroyed its future.

Author: GAM
email: [email protected]
Wed, Oct 16th, 2013 02:17:24 PM

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Ms. Broadwell and I can assure you she is a woman of great integrity who is very perturbed, upset and concerned about the move of the Textile Museum to GWU, the management of the museum, and the proper preservation of her grandfather's significant textile legacy.

I enjoyed learning a little about her grandfather and her experiences in his home. What is bothersome is what appears to be ongoing museum mismanagement with little or no transparency, even to members of the family. Surely something is amiss.

Evidently the buyer of the two houses which comprise the museum property are not too disturbed about their condition or plan to level them as the rumored payment is in $17 million dollar range.

Another concern, considering this implosion, is the status of the some 18,000 textiles in terms of INVENTORY, preservation, safety, cataloging etc. How bad are these conditions, really? Has money that should have gone for the work of the museum been spent on other, less important ways? Who is on the board of the Textile Museum and what do they have to say about this situation?

Author: jc
Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 05:32:55 PM

Hello Nikki, and thanks for your email.

Yes, baganz and the board of the Textile Museum deserve to be removed and banned from further destruction of the museum your grandfather founded.

Their actions are truly a travesty.

Author: nikki broadwell
email: [email protected]
Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 11:29:19 AM

as the granddaughter of George Hewitt Myers I have been distressed about this move--for one thing 2310 S. Street is one of the most beautiful houses on the planet and now will be in private hands (no more possibility of visiting) --I also wonder how wise this is in terms of former visitors--the museum has been a fixture in this spot and has historic significance--all in all I'm depressed about it--I spent many happy hours there as a child...I don't think Grandfire would be happy about this at all...Nikki Broadwell

Author: jc
Sat, Aug 13th, 2011 02:51:41 PM

Doubt they are taking the building with the rest of GH Myer's gear to foggy bottom, or whatever that place in DC where George Washington University is called, and it will hit the market.

RK has heard for years from baganz and others it was in poor condition and would cost "millions" to repair. But notwithstanding who said that RK is sure an experienced, savvy builder could do it for far less.

And it is a prime nice size piece of property....hmmmm, wonder who's already making copies of the front door keys?

Author: yo mammaaaaaaa
email: Yo mammaaaaa
Sat, Jul 30th, 2011 05:48:34 PM

Hey there, weasel:

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PLus: If you want to go questioning "God", ask why a punk-ass anonymouse like yourself not only exists but believes that existence was anything but a missed abortion opportunity.

So enjoy your imaginary beliefs, like those stained sheets we mentioned last time you got up enough courage to try and sully RK.


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Author: jc
Thu, Jul 28th, 2011 06:34:13 PM

In the Washington Post article RK read announcing the "deal" baganz is quoted as saying the following about the proposed move to the George Washington University campus:

"This is being done out of strength with GW. said Baganz

Cowpie and bullturds, baganz you huckster.

Time to face facts, sir, you are a complete failure and were Myers alive RK is sure he would apply some shoe-leather to the seat of your pants as he slammed the door behind you and the idiots on your board of directors.

Give it up, big mouth bruce, and go back to peddling your service as a "oil industry consultant". Your track-record in rugDUMB proves you are full of crap. Go litter some other arena with your proposals, rugDUMB definitely doesn't need you, not at all.

The tm and rugDUMB are bored as hell with you and your patently obvious inability to do anything other than continue destroying the textile museum and its, as the Post article called it, " venerable" reputation.

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