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Wed, Jun 22nd, 2011 03:08:50 AM
Topic: icoc Stockholm follow-up

RK has now heard from several of the dealers who participated in the icoc Dealer's Fair and the news was bleak.

We feared this would be the case, as on the opening night sales were to say the least lackluster and this could only have been interpreted as a sign it would be rough going for the next three days.

And it was as sales, except for a few top-top quality items, were virtually non-existent and those we spoke to claimed they did not even sell enough to pay their booth rents, let alone the hotel, transporation, shipping and all the other expenses. They also told us this was almost universally the case with few dealers leaving with some jingle in their pockets.

This is a shame as there was some excellent material there for collectors and had they tried to buy RK is sure the dealers would have been very flexible and accommodating.

But that was not the case, and as the days progressed fewer and fewer conference attendees or the public trooped into the conference center to visit the dealers fair.

As far as RK is concerned the only place to directly lay blame is with the icoc organizing committee headed up by that lair, cheat and stumble-bum dennis dodds.

And in a larger sense one can easily blame rugDUMB's big fish, who like the emperor's new clothes refuse to face the facts their piss-poor efforts to organize and publicize a "conference" are next to worthless.

Time is ripe for everyone to demand some changes and allow some new blood to run through the clogged arteries that feed the heads of organizations like the icoc, acor, hali, and a number of the rug societies.

RugDUMB is sinking in on itself, and has been for at least a decade or more -- the results of the Stockholm icoc prove this in spades.

Many people disagree with us that removing dodds and publicly rebuking him for the dishonest and greedy actions he has perpetrated will change anything.

But we know different, and starting at the top to reform the oriental rug collecting area will make a difference everyone can see.

Of course there are many other desperately needed reforms that must be undertaken to improve the situation, but we believe once dodds is castigated and removed it will demonstrate to all rugDUMB is going to change and change for the better.

RK sends our condolences to the dealers who worked hard, spent their money and left with empty wallets.

Perhaps this group is now disappointed enough, and mad about it, to become the vanguard of change -- and should that be the case we want them to know RK is not only on their side but we are willing to work with them to finally begin the process of change this collecting area so rightfully needs.

Author: jc
Wed, Jun 22nd, 2011 03:08:50 AM

Left to right: know-little boralevi, swindle wendle swan, bruce big mouth do nothing baganz

When RK mentioned the big fish, who swim in the piss-puddle also known as rugDUMB, we could not have produced a better image than the one above to memorialize this statement.

Lets all remember some facts about these three big fish.

1.When asked about the bogus bellini dennis the cheat dodds used to rip-off the Los Angeles County Museum of Art supposed Turkish rug expert, and recent recipient of the McMullan award for his work with Turkish rugs, alberto boralevi said I do not know enough about Anatolian rugs to judge it.

Seems mr boralevi deserves a dunce-cap and not an award for his alleged Turkish rug expertise.

2.Longtime rug-water-boy and junior wanna be wendle aka swindle swan has finally hung around in rugDUMB long enough to swindle his way onto the stage and act like a big fish.

Too bad wendle doesnt know enough about old rugs to know his ass from a hole in the ground and his presence as one of the big shots of rugDUMB is not only a joke it is one of huge proportions.

There is many the story of wendle cheating old time textile museum and hajji baba members out of their rugs when, years ago, few knew about the rising prices and interest in them that occurred in the late 60s and 1970s.

Thats how he got the nickname swindle, and frankly wendle should go hide himself in the broom closet and not prance about in rugDUMB like he does.

Besides his well earned nickname swindle RK cant help but always think about Howdy Doody whenever we see that rug-clown wendle swan.

For those of you too young to remember, Howdy Doody was a wooden dummy who used to appear on a childrens show on television in the 1950s.

Like Howdy, wendle is also a dummy, as he has well proven to RK each time we have the displeasure of being in the same room with him.

To think a rug-jerk like wendle the swindle swan is a luminary in rugDUMB makes RK wanna reach for some Dramamine.

3. And last but not least in this troika of rugDUMBs big fish is bruce aka big mouth baganz, the textile museums big talk no walk chairman of the board.

Under the leadership, or should we say leadershit, of baganz the textile museum has sunk even lower than RK thought possible.

After hiring dan aka do nothing walker to be the new director and braying about having a new broom to sweep out the old, baganz then realized he had a lot in common with walker. That is in regards to the do nothing moniker they both share.

So walker was then summarily dismissed to be replaced by a woman placeholder, who we are sure takes order from baganz like she was a waitress in a Horn and Hardart automat cafeteria.

Then the brilliant big mouth baganz signed a lease for a space on the mall to move the textile museum, according to his press release, into a "higher profile" location.

Well, that might have seemed like a good idea but then when it came to securing the funding baganz got enough egg on his face to feed Indias poor for a year and had to meekly withdraw from the contract costing the textile museum some pretty coin as we have been told.

How does a stuffed-shirt rug-poseur like bruce baganz become the chairman of the board at the textile museum?

A good question, and while we have heard he bought the job RK has serious doubts as from what we have also heard and seen firsthand baganz is a cheapskate big talker no walker(pun intended).

One really has to know from seeing a picture like the one above, of these three rug-clowns, that rugDUMB is in big trouble, especially since they are captains of the ship.

Why else would rugDUMB be such a ship of fools floating listlessly in a Sargasso Sea.

RK thinks its high time to get bazanzs new broom and sweep floatsom and jettison like boralevi, swindle swan, baganz, dodds and the rest of them big fish off the stage and get some real and capable leadership to right the ship and carry interest in oriental rugs to the place it surely deserves.

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