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Thu, Jun 2nd, 2011 05:11:59 PM
Topic: McMullan Award 2011

Today RK learned the recipients of the 2011 Joseph McMullan award are alberto boralevi and Stefano Ionescu.

RK does not know Ionescu so we will forgo commenting about his qualifications.

However, we do know boralevi's and must say giving him this award makes mockery of any pretense the Near Eastern Research Center, the grantor of this award, might claim including the supposed "prestigious honour" it carries for the "field of oriental carpets".

There is no doubt boralevi is but one other ill-qualified rug-bozo who, as an icoc insider and good old boy, finally gets his turn to tarnish an award given in Joseph McMullan's name.

RK met McMullan several times and while we were not bosom-buddies RK did get the opportunity to talk with him and we can flatly say McMullan was a no-nonsense guy and we cannot imagine he would have consented to allow any award in his name to be given to a rug-bozo like boralevi.

RK recently published the following and we would like to draw readers attention to it once again.

For example several weeks ago we read the following and were we weak of intestinal fortitude we might have had to make an unplanned trip to the closest WC.

"Alberto Boralevi, Chair of ICOC Academic Committee, will hold the opening lecture Table Carpets; a Bridge between East and West; a Link between Carpets and Textiles during the opening ceremony 16 June"

Several months ago RK attended the Sartirana carpet fair in Sartirana, Italy and had the opportunity to talk with Boralevi, who was an exhibitor trying to sell his stock of rugs to any and all comers.

RK needs to mention we have spoken with him before and quite honestly are amazed at how little Boralevi knows about antique oriental rugs, even the Anatolian ones he is cracked up to have expertise.

At Sartirana we point blank asked Boralevi, who on top of being an alleged Turkish rug expert is the Chair of the ICOC Academic Committee as you just read above, why he has not spoken out about the outrageous dennis doddsbogus belliniLACMAsituation.

To our complete and utter amazement Boralevi said, and WE QUOTE

I don't know enough about Anatolian rugs to judge"

So why is this man smiling

He is smiling because he knows he is a fool but a clever one who has made a good living selling rugs he professes to know not enough about to clients who believe he does know. Nice, huh?

RK could go on proving what a carpet know-little Boralevi is but let us instead republish something that appeared here on RugKazbah on Oct. 13, 2003.

Seems Alberto Boralevi is having a small selling exhibition of Turkmen rugs from the advert he has recently placed on his website. One of the 'treasures' he will be offering up to all those hungry turk0manics will be a supposed Jolami (tent-band) fragment.

Here is a photo and his description of it below:

"Full pile jolami (tent band) fragment with typical Chodor colours and all wool foundation"

Based on the size of this fragment - 3.5 feet by 1 foot - the inexperienced observer could be deceived into believing this fragment might have been from a tentband. However, it's not.

This piece is surely one of the side panels from a kappunuk and not in any way, shape or form part of a tentband.

Signore Boralevi, like many other dealers, knows how to talk the talk but stumbles badly when trying to walk the walk. Could he actually run with the ball? RK.com's opinion on that one: Doubt it, as Alberto's Jolami dream is nothing more than a Jo-Mamma illusion.

So Alberto, if you need some consultation and help with your Turkmen's in the future, post them here on Rk.com and I'll be glad to assist before you trip over those shoe-laces again.

RK must say giving this year's McMullan award to rug-bozo boralevi follows perfectly in the path of other awardees like dennis the liar and cheat dodds, harold hot air kesheshian, heinrich checkbook kirchheim, jim aka generous jim and big-mouth burns, raoul tschebull-shit, george the grifter obannon, john hotpants weretime and others equally unsuited to be awarded any honour in rugDUMB.

RK will readily admit there have been some worthy winners but they are decidedly in the minority as most of those so honored with this "award" were chosen not because of their knowledge, expertise or achievements but rather because they bought the award or were, like rug-bozo boralevi in-group good old boys whose time served in rugDUMB's hierarchy of turko-idiots eventually resulted in their having been chosen.

What a joke, granting any award to a rug-schmuck like boralevi who professes to be an "expert" of historic Turkish carpets and can't figure out the dodds late genre period bellini is as bogus as boralevi standing on a stage and being honored with anything but a rug-dunce-cap.

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