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Wed, Jun 1st, 2011 12:59:03 AM
Topic: Idiotic Auction Guesstimates

RK published the "comments" below many days before the rip-on sale, and one did not need to be an Einstein or genius to do so.

Nor does it take one to realize detlef maltzahn's publishing the idiotic estimate for the small medallion Ushak shown below demonstrates what a fool, rug moron and clown he is.

"We do like the 16th century small medallion Ushak at rip-on, the one that is affixed to a backing.

lot 237, rip-on bozwell, guesstimate a ridiculous, laughable 6,500 euro

It's a righteous example, worthy of any great collection, institutional or otherwise.

If rugDUMB was half as smart as it claims to be such a rug would elicit intense bidding and sell for a princely price.

But never under-guesstimate the idiocy in this field and it will be interesting to see how such a rug, damage, backing and all, will fare on sale day.

Were RK a collector of such large-scale society atelier weavings we'd be in with both boots deep to try and get it.

It's far and away the best piece at rip-on, or in any of the other sales."

The prices realized at the rippon sale are not posted yet, but RK heard from someone who was at the sale that the Ushak sold for 165,000 euro.

Nice going, detlef, you fool.

Like maltzahn, michael grogan of grogan auction in Dedham Mass, USA is a also a proven rug moron, however, at least his guesstimate was reasonable.

In his case, although he did see value in the WH "S" group engsi, he saw far too much value in it.

The ridiculous and overblown praise grogan and many others, equally as lost in the turko-sauce, have showered on what RK has dubbed the "250,000 dollar mistake" makes grogan look as stupid and ridiculous as detlef maltzahn's estimate for the Ushak rug.

But as stupid as maltzahn looks for underestimating the value of the Ushak, his description of this soumak bag and his failure to know it is a FAKE and new reproduction are far worse.

Lot 138, dated in the catalog as First half 19th century but RK claims is a NEW REPRODUCTION and FAKE

The rug market, especially at auction, has no basis of reality or reason so the price a rug sells for is not really in any absolute regard indicative of its real value or importance.

But rugs do have absolutes; and the engsi grogan sold will, we are sure, eventually be seen for what RK claims, and the grossly underestimated Ushak will be seen, in comparsion, to be the bargain it truly is today and will always be.

So much for anyone who claims there is a rug market, or any real level of price truth or value in rugDUMB.

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