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Thu, Oct 20th, 2011 01:18:19 PM
Topic: Engsi, Engsi Who bought the Engsi?

RK now has it from two reliable sources the buyer of the engsi was someone who RK considers to be a major Turko-Idiot.

This person is not really a buyer, only an agent who purchased the WH engsi for "someone".

It is too bad, and truly a shame, that "someone" relied on the judgment and (in)expertise of their "agent".

Of course there was an under-bidder, and so far RK has no faith in the several candidates our so far sources believe was the one who made the price, and would rather believe it was who we think it was.

Remember, it is the under-bidder and not the buyer who makes the price for any lot sold at any auction above a reserve and when the auctioneer is not pulling bids off the ceiling or back-wall.

RK believes we know who the under-bidder was but until we have positive proof we will remain open to what comes in as info.

One thing we do know, if our guess at who he underbidder was is correct, then we can truly say the auction result for the WH engsi was two morons fighting to spend two other moron's money.

Granted the ultimate buyers are not Turko-Idiots, as they know nothing about these articles and are relying on their agents.

But relying on someone who is making a commission based on the selling price to give unbiased, forget about correct, advice is as stupid as going to the casino and asking the croupier what number to put your chips on at the roulette table.

PS: We have promised our sources we would not reveal who the buyer was on RugKazbah.com and we apologize to our readers we can not release that information at this time.

Stay tuned, hopefully more to come...

Author: Yes we did
email: [email protected]
Wed, Oct 19th, 2011 11:44:25 PM

RK Replies:

Phluzzeee, pap is a rug ignorant, whose business practises are equaly challenged.

Only in rugDumb could a peter pap exist.

And the signature on that rug you mention is as illusionary as pap'ssupposed "knowledge".

You surely did not find it and are nothing but an anonymouse looking for some thrill seeing what you write grace RugKazbah.com's website.

And by the way, did he pay you for it and the alleged "other rugs" the dumpster burped up? Or are you still waiting for his "client's" check to clear??


We did find the rug in a dumpster. Peter did know the details of the rug and I think you underestimate his knowledge and ability. We can identify the rug makers signature and can disguinish it from the other identified rugs. It is in good hands now.au fondw

Author: jc
Thu, Jun 2nd, 2011 12:02:41 AM

It is now common knowledge among those who know grogan and the buyer that peter pap, a rug dealer with a shoppe in San Francisco, California was the buyer of the WH engsi.

There is absolutely no doubt he bought it for a client and the fact pap is basically a novice when it comes to the fine points of Turkmen rugs fits perfectly with the scenario RK has said produced such a high price -- two ignorants kiting the price believing the other's desire to own it justifies their continuing to bid.

The identity of the underbidder, the person who actually made the price with price pap going along like a baby in a bay carriage bidding for his client, is still a matter of conjecture.

Anyone who doubts peter pap is at best the Turkmen novice RK pegs him should watch this short video where pap, on the Antique Roadshow TV program, is 'discussing' the Tekke animal-tree asmalyk he then bought and presumably sold to the same client for a rumored 250,000 dollars.

Here is link to that video and since RugKazbah.com does not purposely support active links you must cut and paste it into your browser window.


RK knows pap for many years, in fact we first met him in 1976 or 77 when he first started in the rug business. He did not know much then and honestly we still believe he has not progressed much as the video demonstrates.

Notice pap uses Turk0man and not the correct Turkmen but to his credit he did pronounce Tekke correctly.

In our opinion, this Tekke animal-tree asmalyk is the best of the type now known and it is far older than pap's stupid circa 1800 or possibly late 18th century guesstimate.

We also must say we believe this story is a bit fishy and there is alot more to explain where the rugs came from and why they got into that dumpster.

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