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Sun, May 22nd, 2011 02:15:26 PM
Topic: sailor grogan Auction Results

RK just got off the phone with someone in the room and here are some of the prices and a bit of post-sale commentary.

The Salor, S group diamond gol torba, lot 794, sold for a very reasonable $6,500 hammer price.

This is a rare weaving, not the best of the type we have seen, but a credible example and compared to the next item we will mention a real bargain-basement bargain.

Congratulations to the new owner.

The still undetermined S group or not, WH, aka grogan, so-called Salor engsi sold for a wallet-busting $210,000 hammer price.

This result could be one of the largest errors any rugDUMBER has ever made.

It truly boggles the mind to think this really happened and some moke will fork over 210,000 dollars to own this questionable Turkmen weaving.

RK can only imagine the new owner (winner) and the far more fortunate underbidder (loser) are turko-neophytes who were feeding off of each other's greed and stupidity.

Who these two rug-mokes are will come out in the wash and quite honestly we are sure as time goes on both will regret their actions today.

RK wrote before the sale we would not be surprised to see the WH engsi sell for way beyond its worth and that has happened in spades.

What more can we say other than a fool and his money are soon parted?

Our condolences to the new owner, you fool.

The Saryk engsi, lot 810A, sold for a mediocre $9,000, which was commensurate with its actual value unlike the engsi.

The Beshir prayer rug, much touted by sailor grogan, also sold for a mediocre price $17,000.

And lets not forget the Chinese saddle rug, lot 804, RK claims grogan owned.

It sold for a measly $9,500.

Lets all also remember grogan offered it to a prospective buyer, soon after he purchased it at the Douglass Auction, for 50,000 dollars.

The price went down each week the prospective buyer spoke with grogan and finally settled much lower as we have already mentioned.

If that person bought it today he sure saved a lot of change by letting it hit the market place and prove grogan is both greedy, as he bought it for 6,500 plus, and stupid as he priced it originally at $50,000.

Thats it for the rugs of interest but one more comment before we sign off on the grogan sale.

As soon as grogan reached the rug section he slowed the auction down about 70 percent from the break-neck speed he had been selling.

We doubt he got tired and, rather, are sure he was slowing it down to milk every dollar out of the audience he could.


Heres our take on it: Because he was the owner of a number of the rugs he was selling.

Why else would he go slower at the end of a long auction when most auctioneers speed it up at the end?

Go ask sailor mike, yourself, and when you do ask him who were the two stooges who bid for that ugly, late WH engsi.

Tell em RK asked you to ask..

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