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Sat, May 21st, 2011 02:06:16 PM
Topic: mike sailor grogan's engsi video

Its one thing to put your foot in your mouth and quite another to put both feet in and start dancing a polka.

That is exactly what michael, aka sailor grogan of grogan auction company in Dedham, Mass. has done by publishing this video about the WH engsi on YouTube: please note RugKazbah.com's discussion board does not support active links, so you will have to copy the URL below and paste in into your browser window or just go to YouTube.com and search for grogan auction and you will see the link for the video....


Here is a pic of sailor grogan himself palavering about the engsi from the introduction to the YouTube video about the WH engsi.

The video is 5 minutes and 21 seconds long and we urge all RK readers, and their friends, colleagues and associates, to view it.

To say sailor grogan is a senseless talking head would be an understatement as his using words like proud and lyrical to describe the engsi are as meaningless as calling dirt dirty.

He begins his talk by citing a 1990 article written by robert pinner where pinner claimed there were only 6 known engsi of this type.

Well, that might have been true but one must realize only 6 were known to pinner, and he surely was not God. Fact is at the time RK knew of at least one other, so so much for pinner and grogan's citation.

But RK is not a bean-counter, knot counter, like pinner and many other alleged expurts so frankly who cares how many there are now or were in 1990. It is their merits or lack of them that is the issue and this is something that is way above sailor grogan's shining pate.

Clearly grogan is a turko-idiot, who continues to pronounce the Turkmen Salor groups name sailor rather than the accepted and more correctly used sal-lore.

He also continues to call them Turkoman, rather than Turkmen, as their country is Turkmenistan not Turkomenistan.

But grogans pronunciation errors pale compared to spending 5 plus minutes talking about the WH engsi and not tell viewers if the knotting is open left or right.

This is the most salient and important piece of information but a turko-idiot like grogan avoids it like pigpen did a bath.

Using words like proud and lyrical to describe the rugs iconography provides nothing but a simpletons view of a subject that is both complex and far more demanding.

RK could go on making grogan look even more foolish and stupid, forget about being a rug clown, than the few sentences above have done.

But other tasks await our time so we will end by saying watch the video and then ponder if this is the state of the art rug expertise, and grogan is anything but a piss-poor salesman trying to hawk his wares, is it any wonder why antique oriental rugs are the most ignored and forgotten great art that ever was?

Author: nemo
email: [email protected]
Sat, May 21st, 2011 02:06:16 PM

RK Replies:

For Your Information, Nemo, both spellings are acceptable

Go look them up in a dictionary.

And thanks for trying to be RK's teacher,try harder next time you mightget it right.

So now that you have our attention, what else have you got to say?



Author: jc
Sat, May 21st, 2011 04:45:06 AM

We just finished watching the video again and like a good comedy act it is just as funny the second time around.

OK, maybe it's not that funny and stupid would be a better description.

But anyone who keeps mispronouncing Salor as sailor after being told enumerable times is either obstinate to the max or stupid.

We believe grogan suffers both. Same with Turk0men vs Turkmen. Come on grogan, you turko-twit, get it right would ya?

And what a turko-twit this grogan dude is.

Witness his proclamations the elem's uniqueness or the "spacious" void between the "proud" birds and the borders that surround each of the field quadrant are significant pluses.

Sorry, sailorboy, but these are both signs the weaver was inexperienced and unsure just exactly how to in the border case solve the interplay between the "proud" birds and the borders.

And in the case of the elem we suggest sailor grogan read our analysis. Not only does it disprove any thoughts the elem is noteworthy but more so it demonstrates just exactly how derivative and static the WH engsi truly is.

And as far as sailor's paean to the "lyric"al qualities his engsi possesses RK can only say perhaps we should start to call grogan tin-ear as well?

And while we could go on poking holes big enough to drive a semi-trailer through we will just mention this comparison.

Left: niche from the vertical center panel of the WH engsi; Right: niche from the vertical center panel of the Tekke engsi

Sailor grogan goes on waxing poetic about how the Salor weavers were just the best atsymmetry when he is pointing out the niche we picture above.

Well, seems captain sailor grogan either needs new glasses or he doesnt know shaky unsure weaving when it is smack dab in front of him.

The line that defines the left and right side of the niche in the WH engsi belies any thoughts the weaver knew what she was trying to do and had it under control.

Compare it with how the Tekke engsi weaver accomplished the task.

This is a perfect example of a weaving brilliance compared to weaving mediocrity.

And by the way, the fact the WH engsi has a defined niche in the vertical center panels is a another element of the set it shares with the Tekke engsi.

A vertical center panel niche is a very Tekke feature, though other groups did use it but surely not as ubiquitously.

Listening to grogans spiel it becomes patently clear he has nothing to say, is almost completely unfamiliar with what has already been written about engsi of this type and is horribly ill-equipped to add anything to it.

Yes, grogan is just an auctioneer but remember he was for 15 years or so the carpet expert at sotheby's New York headquarters, where he got his start in the auction business.

Also note he considers himself to be a carpet expert and, in fact, five or so years ago RK decided never to talk to grogan again after he brazenly told us he knows more about old rugs than we ever will.

So much for schmuck0, sailor, grogan

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