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Thu, May 19th, 2011 03:48:36 AM
Topic: spb, rip-on, skinner, grogan Auctions

RK was going to picture some of the rugs on offer at these sales and add our usual insightful comments but we are too busy to undertake the project. And quite frankly there is really nothing we are excited enough about to make us bother.

We do like the 16th century small medallion Ushak at rip-on, the one that is affixed to a backing.

lot 237, rip-on bozwell, guesstimate a ridiculous, laughable 6,500 euro

It's a righteous example, worthy of any great collection, institutional or otherwise.

If rugDUMB was half as smart as it claims to be such a rug would elicit intense bidding and sell for a princely price.

But never under-guesstimate the idiocy in this field and it will be interesting to see how such a rug, damage, backing and all, will fare on sale day.

Were RK a collector of such large-scale society atelier weavings we'd be in with both boots deep to try and get it.

It's far and away the best piece at rip-on, or in any of the other sales.

At sotheby's andonian and Fell collection dispersal there is nothing we like enough to mention.

That said, we will bet dollars to donut holes this is just the first salvo from these two accumulator, rather than collectors...so expect round two sooner than later.

We are finishing up our analysis of the WH, aka grogan, engsi which is the only lot on offer to interest us enough to spend the time to critique.

We do not like it much, nor would we buy it or recommend its purchase to anyone who asked.

Well, if it sold for the price of dirt we would -- recommend its purchase but surely not want to own it.

The more we look at it the less we like it.

'Nuff said until our critique appears, which should be soon.....

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