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Tue, May 10th, 2011 09:36:34 AM
Topic: rip-on bozwell Spring Sale

Last evening RK has the opportunity to see the catalog for this sale.

We made some notes, had our webmaster prepare a few photos which will post as time permits.

Frankly, we are not very interested in writing on RugKazbah.com any more than necessary to not only demonstrate our preeminent position as a carpet studies researcher and commentator but also present the other side to the increasingly nonsensical and farcical public face turko-wannabe commentators like that raghali magazine's editors, turk0tek's nest of chirping magpies, jozan's semi-rug illiterate owner and "reporters" and auctioneers like grogan and maltzhan present.

Sad but there really are some worthwhile carpets and other related weavings to honor but the "business" of selling old rugs cannot bear to recognize how much of what is offered is basically airport-art with 99% of the rest being various levels of "craft", most not far above airport-art.

The bozwell sale we will discuss in some greater detail is a perfect example, though there is one lot worth small detour and half a small handful of others worth that second glance.

We will picture these so stay tuned...

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