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Sat, May 7th, 2011 12:32:12 PM
Topic: skinner Spring auction

If it is springtime in Boston you can bet skinner auction will be sellinga pant-load of boring middle of the road and worse "collector" rugs to their, and only their, corral of naive buyers.

This year is no different than those before and with the auction having just finished RK would like to send our condolences to any non-room size rug buyer, except for the person who bought lot 298 which sold for the bargain price of 267 usd INCLUDING premium.

lot 298, skinner, May 7,2011

Here is evidence someone in the saleroom was able to think outside of the box and in doing so picked up an excellent buy and an excellent piece of weaving art.

Congratulations, and should the buyer care to email us, RK might be able to relate some interesting things about the purchase.

As for the rest of the successful paddle-wavers, who believe they bought anything collectible?

Sorry, chums, but there was not a piece in the sale that qualifies or could, in any terms, hold a candle to lot 298.

P.S. And as far as lot 298 was superior in this sale, when it is compared to other far more historic and important rugs it has to take a seat in the back of the bus....and that's a long way back as the bus is a really big one.

'Til next time, race fans, and keep those cards and letters coming.....

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