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Fri, May 6th, 2011 09:36:27 AM
Topic: Turko-nothings

It is surprisingly revolting to read turko-stupid comments made by those who are supposed to know enough, forget about their being experts, to know better.

This week's rug news brings to the fore how pathetically little alleged big names in rugDUMB actually know about Turkmen rugs.

First turk0-schmuck michael grogan informs the world the "Salor", aka "sail -or" in his far from inimitable pronunciation, engsi he is auctioning is one of "only 10" and the Salor tribe hails from East Turkestan.

Well, maybe grogan read these fractured fairy-tale pseudo-facts in the latest issue of the Classic Comic Book guide to Turkmen rugs? Just goes to show you can't trust what you read in mainstream publications these days.

Then, there is the heavy hitting but often missing hali editorial staff who are telling us sotheby's New York carpet sale will offer a "fabulous and archaic Yomut C-gul carpet, with a tempting $20-30,000 estimate." from the Joseph Fell "collection".

Sorry, boys, but the rug is surely not archaic in any sense, nor is "fabulous" an erudite and professional word you all should be using to describe it.

Well, thank heaven for small things, at least you didn't write "FAB!".

Yesshhh, come on ben aka Jimmy olsen evans, you've been at this rug reporting for about a decade, right, so can't you stop writing about rugs like a love sick school boy?

And by the way, only turko-fools like evans, or any of the other pencil pushers still drawing a salary from that fast sinking rag hali, would comment on the tempting-ness of that estimate, as it will surely be well eclipsed, we'd say by at least double to triple the high estimate, before the hammer comes down.

Turkmen rugs are hot, and the heat they perspire in the auction room is scorching ... watch and see both at sothebys, for the Fell multi-gol, and at turk0-schmucko grogans, for the engsi.

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