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Fri, Mar 25th, 2011 12:21:42 AM
Topic: Early Kelims? No Way

Today RK saw a copy of plagarist harry aka dead-eye kelim kroll's "new" book "The Colors of my Dreams: Early Kilims from Anatolia".

It is, at least for us, nothing but a waste of paper and ink, on top of which neither of very good quality.

Plus, like our title says, this book is nothing but a wet dream produced by an over-excited kelim neophyte that has no reality behind it.

From our short but surely not sweet perusal of the text it is apparent the author, harry kroll, knows next to nothing and the examples illustrated are mostly only a step or two above airport-art.

Most probably, since kroll is a kelim dealer, he has found and sold many of the pieces to "clients" and making this book, or his other equally as worthless additions to the Anatolian kelim bibliography, is nothing but a feel good pat-on-the-back gift to those who spent their money and bought such mediocre kelim from him.

The kelim illustrated are exclusively traditional period, not one classic, forget about anything from the archaic period.

There is nothing early in it except that word in its title.

And as we just said the text is equally as uninteresting and boring as the kelim illustrated.

To say the book is easily forgettable might be giving it too much credit.

RK looks forward to that rag hali's review praising this book, as we are sure they will be selling it and Lord knows the easiest way to have that rag hali say something nice is to allow them to profit from their proven self-interested hype.

Our advice is save your money and don't bother to add it to your library as we'll be glad to wager the book will soon be remaindered on the internet for 15-20 euro or less.

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