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Mon, Mar 14th, 2011 05:32:09 AM
Topic: "noted collector&rug scholar"?

RK just took a peek at the hajji baba website and saw this ludicrous notice:

On "APR 21, 2011 Gerard Paquin" will give a talk titled:
Textile Design Influences in Turkish Rugs

"Gerard Pacquin is a noted collector and rug scholar who resides in Northampton, Mass. His topic is The Influence of Textile Designs on Turkish Rugs."

Let's all remember this same gerard pacquin, the alleged "noted collector and rug scholar", hyped a group of fake, brand new reproduction Ottoman embroideries as 16th century originals.

Several years ago that rag hali magazine published a long article written by pacquin where he describes the bogus embroideries as originals and 16th/17th century. By the way, that article was critiqued and completely debunked by RK here on RugKazbah.com.

Only in rugDUMB could a turko-fool like pacquin avoid complete ridicule for such an act, and on top of that still be considered a " noted collector and rug scholar.

Only in rugDUMB could someone with as much egg on his face as pacquin present himself in public and pretend nothing ever happened.

RugDUMB's standards are incredibly low but it's academics and honesty, believe it or not, even lower.

Who do the clowns at the hajji baba organization think they are fooling by presenting a know-nothing, turko-scheister like pacquin as a scholar?

And then publicize a lecture where attendess will be expected to sit in rapt attention listening to a speaker, who proved not so long ago he could not determine the Turkish embroideries he was hyping were recently produced fakes.


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