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Wed, Feb 16th, 2011 03:33:21 AM
Topic: grogan's Turko-nonsense

lot 246; grogan Auction

This Tekke MC will be offered by grogan auction in their upcoming February sale.

It as been dated in their catalog as circa 1800, a ridiculous notion as this rug is a nice mid-19th century example at best.

The cataloger, michael grogan, fancies himself as a rug expert having been formerly employed in the rug department by sothebys.

However regardless of that fact, or that grogan himself and others believe him to be a rug expert, RK knows differently and his calling this Tekke MC circa 1800 proves well our point.

By the way this is not the first, nor surely will it be the last, grogan appraisal of a rugs age or provenance differs from ours but because RK could care less about what a turko-amateur like grogan does or says we rarely bother to demonstrate his inabilities and shortcomings.

RugDUMB is full of amateur-status pundits and pseudo-expurts like grogan, and had we the time and inclination wed be glad to rain on their parades but since that is not the case, and no one else has the guts or knowledge to do it, those like grogan are able to pose as experts clothed in their emperors new-clothes of rug-expertise.

PS: even a turko-twit like grogan should by now have learned its Turkman not Turk0man, as RK has repeatedly pointed out the country is Turkmenistan not Turk0menistan.

Author: jc
Wed, Feb 16th, 2011 03:33:21 AM

The results of grogan's sale are in and they are lackluster to say the least.

Credit where credit is due and the fact grogan sold most of the mediocre rugs on offer is somewhat commendable, as they were not exactly exciting.

However, that said most sold for prices they would have brought on EBAY or any well attended flea market.

The supposed, according to grogan, "circa 1800" Tekke MC made $4,312.50, including the premium.

Not exactly an impressive price for a circa 1800 MC in relatively good condition, which signifies grogan's attempt to show what little turko-expertise he believes he possesses failed to impress anyone, not only RK.

Better luck next time. Perhaps if grogan keeps hitting those rug books in his library maybe he'll educate himself enough to realize the difference between a mid-19th century MC and one made circa 1800.

A thought RK highly doubts considering grogan's past performance.

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