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Sun, Sep 21st, 2014 02:59:40 AM
Topic: All in the details or not? re:michael franses

( ed. originally posted Jan 23, 2011)

Recently while perusing the latest issue of that rag hali we noticed the following announcement embedded in the editorial on page 7:

"...and Michael Franses, founder and new Chairman of Hali publications..."

Rumor has had it for sometime now that franses had purchased the controlling interest in hali publications from sebastian gandchi's backer who put up the money up to buy hali from the former owners Centaur publications.

We'd have to imagine the statement above now confirms those rumors.

It also demonstrates franses' burning desire to remain a Mr Big in rugDUMB, even though he had tried and now seemingly failed to make it big in far more lofty climbs.

It also demonstrates what RK has often said about little lord franses' dismal business skills and acumen.

After all, having dumped hali many years ago, to now throw good money after bad is both naive and stupid, as it is clear rugDUMB has nowhere to go but down and the chances hali, or hali publications, can pull out of the tailspin they are presently, and for the near future, caught in are bleak to say the least.

Clearly gandchi's investor's buying hali was not a very sound investment and even though we have heard selling a controlling interest to franses was done at a loss, at least he cut his chances to lose more.

Let RK predict franses will not do as well and soon his stake, which regardless of the fact he got it for less than it cost the seller, will prove to be nothing but a poor return on investment(ROI).

But, that said, it is clear franses is bargaining for more and needs the ego-massage being chairman of the board (COB) of hali publications lends his fragile resume; especially since as we have heard it for some time now those in the Persian Gulf, who in the past had substantially enriched franses, have now given him the old heave-ho.

So what else is a high school drop-out rug peddler to do but go back to peddling rugs?

Obviously franses knows no other game to play, and in his limited intellectual scope being able to prance around in rugDUMB as COB of hali publications is worth the cost and the sure to come loss.

Foolish and dumb move is all RK can comment.

And by the way, this small announcement of what might be called franses's second coming probably means rugDUMB will now get to see alot more of him...yeessshhh, what a revolting thought.

Author: jc
Sun, Sep 21st, 2014 02:59:40 AM

Yesterday RK was surfing the net and we came across michael franses's page on a website called academia.edu.


Here is a screen shot of the part of that page where franses has written his bio/description.

See anything wrong here?

First off franses is "formerly" nothing of the sort.

He is still involved with that rag hali, still involved with Oguz Press and still dealing rugs, as his emails with 'Gunter' unmistakeably prove.

And how can anyone possibly believe franses "retired in 2008" when on top of all that he is employed as a consultant to the Doha Museum Authority.

Now please go explain how someone like franses has the incredible gall to continue to lie and deceive about the most essential part of his existence -- who he is and what he is doing.

Of course no one can, and franses is exactly what RK has continued to picture him as -- a completely duplicitous individual who rarely if ever presents himself as he is and not how he wants others to see him.

Personal dishonesty is an unsightly trait, one franses excels at.

The initial post in this thread was written Jan 23, 2011 which has given franses enough time to correct the "mistakes" on that page, as well as on this one above.

But RK knows franses will never correct these errors, wanting instead to continue to falsely present himself as a 'retired' scholar rather than a rug dealer who has run out of customers or the chance to find new ones.

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