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Same Old Sh*t
Sat, Jan 22nd, 2011 05:47:17 PM
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Same Old Sh*t


The SOS in our title is a famous acronym most widely an abbreviation for Save Our Ship and even though it is highly applicable for rugDUMB, which is sinking having been doubly torpedoed by stupidity and greed, RK does not use it thusly.

Same Old Shit, perhaps better expressed as Same Old Stuff for those prissy family oriented readers, is our intent here and now in our continuing look at ben fernandess collection.

This SOS is particularly valid when referring to S group and Saryk engsi, both of which are represented in Singapore bens collection and grace the pages that rag hali devoted to announcing the opening of his museum.

Before we get into explaining our S group/Saryk engsi SOS not that it really needs it as we are sure most of you get it already --we should spend a few words questioning what mr fernandes museum is all about.

As most of you know RK founded a museum the Weaving Art Museum in 1998, and in 2003 it was recognized and granted full status as a public charity by the US governments IRS division responsible for charity organizations.

This legal definition allows the Weaving Art Museum a number of important privileges, not the least of which is giving tax-deductible vouchers for any donations from both public and private sources.

There are many other advantages a federally recognized nonprofit institution, like the Weaving Art Museum, allows and hopefully someday enough money will be raised to accomplish the aims the Weaving Art Museums mission statement details.

Now then RK wonders if Singapore bens museum is similarly legally endowed, as nowhere in the paucity of publicity about it are any legal or mission statements to be seen.

RK does not like naked conjecture but considering the above, and our knowledge of non-profit organizations, wed have to surmise fernandes museum is one in name only.

Or perhaps it is just some type of tax write-off for him to use to pay for his having bought all those SOS rugs?

OK, enough of this, lets get down to the niddy-gritty and take a critical look at fernandes collection.

Since RK has not yet ventured to visit Singapore bens warehouse museum, which is the description that rag hali and not RK has hung on it, we can only discuss the few pieces illustrated in the article.

First and foremost, since it was plastered on that issues cover, is this mid-period Saryk engsi.

Frankly, besides one example which we have written about in the past, RK has never seen a Saryk engsi we like and Singapore bens does nothing for us other than remind us how boring, formulaic, stiff and derivative these engsi as a group are.

Same can be said for his S group engsi, another Turkmen type RK relegates to the basement, or perhaps should we say sub-basement.

The rather stupid hype rugDUMB attaches to these two type pf engsi is both unsupportable and myopic, as these weavings are as droll and predictable as can be.

Sure, sure, they bring big prices at auction but 75 years ago, as we often like to point out, so did Kula and Ghiordes prayer rugs.

For RK the Saryk and S group engsi are todays equivalent of those now somewhat disgraced types of prayer rug many old time collectors, like James Ballard, allowed themselves to believe were the bees knees of rug collecting.

But unlike Ballard, whose collection still contains many great and important non-classical rugs Turkmen included , a collector like Singapore bens collection is nary a blip on the horizon a James Ballard blazed.

But fernandes is not alone, neither was Ballard, in falling sucker for weavings that later proved to be basically worthless in any artistic or historic sense.

RK dos not have the time or patience to destroy the silly myths deifying the far too many mid-period and later Saryk engsi, and nor do we feel like doing it for the lesser number, but still too many, S group ones as well.

Let us mention: Were either of these type of engsi what they are cracked-up to be, by hali and other pundits in rugDUMB, there would not be so many paint by the numbers examples extant.

And, while rarity has in itself no redeeming quality or import, when it comes to weaving rest assured if there are many very similar examples, and both Saryk and S group engsi qualify, it signifies such examples are far more likely to be commercial production than indigenous product.

Go examine as many, and there are many published, of these engsi as you can and you will see what we are saying.

RK likes to lead, and lead by example we do, so here is an engsi we believe expresses the formula all those later and derivative S group ones mimic.

Unknown archaic period Turkmen group engsi, RK collection

Sure, sure RK knows rugDUMBs peanut gallery will chant: Where are those animals and other figurative bird-head iconography those S group engsi display?

Well, listen up pups, RK maintains these are nothing but pseudo-icons placed there by later post archaic period weavers who were disconnected with their own weaving culture and instead influenced by foreign ones.

If you examine the earliest Turkmen weaving you will never see designs like those on the S group engsi.

We could continue this discussion, and perhaps we will at some later time, but since we are writing about Singapore bens collection and museum we will take leave of it for now.

RK will continue our look-see at the two other pieces illustrated in that rag haliss article on Singapore bens Wild Mountain Loom collection soon so stay tuned.

Author: jc
Sat, Jan 22nd, 2011 05:47:17 PM

Last evening we did a little web-checking on Singapore ben and we learned he formerly had a "gallery" in Singapore where he was "selling" oriental rugs as a "hobby".

We also learned he moved out of those premises when the landlord raised the rent.

Presumably that was when he opened his warehouse "museum".

Seems ben the former rug peddler turned "museum owner" was in earlier times a banker for Chase, and according to some fluff publicity we read has supposedly been collecting oriental rugs for some "thirty years".

Frankly we doubt fernandes had been collecting for "thirty" years, and if so not on any level other than airport-art weaving.

But, regardless of the length of time, from what we have seen and heard we are duly unimpressed, especially since fernandes has paid major prices and rarely gotten, in our opinion, his money's worth.

This rare white ground asmalyk is the best of the lot; though, that said, it is the runt of the litter falling way behind others of the type RK could easily cite.

And considering Singapore ben also owns, and "exhibits" in his "museum" ordinary, at best mid-collector quality pieces like these three shown below, we'd have to say our opinion his "collection" ain't "museum" quality appears correct.

Well that's unless one considers a rug like dodds's bogus 'bellini' to be...

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