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according to hali-speak
Sun, Jan 9th, 2011 12:22:47 PM
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according to hali-speak

Some long while ago RK wrote about halispeak and noted how it purveys a pseudo-erudite and highfalutin tenor that is in our opinion both particularly obnoxious and completely unjustified.

After all is said and done that rag halis belief it is preeminent in this field is nothing to crow about as this field is bereft of competition of any stature, unless one wants to consider another even worse rag called gereh, which is nothing but its publisher tahar sabahis ego massage attempt to be a somebody in rugDUMB.

Also in light of the fact, which is by no means light, hali subscription rolls have thinned out worse than the balding pates of whats left of its aging readership, where do these editorial newbies, who sit at the few desks left in halis new cramped office, get off making statements that ring of his Holiness in the Vaticans proclamations?

lot 181, rippon-boswell December 2010 auction sale

For instance in commenting on the rippon-boswell sale of the Saryk MC hali would like you all to believe:

Top lot, and highlight of the RB Wiesbaden sale on Saturday 4th December was a Turkomaniacs dream, the Leverhulme early (17th-18th century) Saryk Turkmen glli-gl main carpet, lot 181.

Who says?

Why ben aka jimmy olsen boy reporter does.

And what are his credentials?

None RK has ever seen or witnessed.

Actually the only reason for hali erupting in a wet-dream e-hali-ulation is because one of their favored chumps bought it, and Lord Knows if one can count on anything from that rag hali it is to praise to the mountain tops what is bought by their in-group of wallet toting collectors and regular advertisement buyers.

But translating that bit of hali-speak required little clairvoyance, unlike translating this next tidbit:

After a decade on offer on the private market, it sold here for a well deserved 85,400 ($112,800).

Notice the imperiousness of halis belief it knows what a rug like the Saryk MC, or any rug for that matter, is worth.

And to top that off their stating it is well deserved reeks of stupidity; for if it had sold for half that price would that price have been well-deserved? Or, we ask the same question what about were it twice the price?

This is wind-bag journalism at the highest level, an award hali and its editor still moist behind the ears ben evans truly deserves.

But, lets do some translating here:

1. If the Reubens Saryk was offered on the private market for a decade and it did not sell (obviously) why not if it were every Turkomanics (wet) dream, as hali so coyly put it?

2. Also since mentioning it how about telling all us readers how much Reuben was asking for it?

3. Since hali is not a bidder or market-participant why could they possibly know, or even guess, at what is well-deserved or not.

4. Lastly, but we could cite others, every Turkomaniacs dream is not a Saryk Gulli-gol MC but rather a Timurchin gol. These MCs and not Gulli-Gol ones, are the holy grail of MCs and they, not a Gulli-Gol, are worthy of the D word(dream).

The same obnoxious imperial tone exudes from this following statement in halis report on the sotheby New York sale:

The same buyer had also made off with the previous lot, an Eagle-gl (EGG II) torba for $23,750, only double estimate.

the sotheby eagle-group torba

Only double the estimate? What lordly and baronial bullshit that implies a bargain but does not bother to discuss the merits, or lack of them, this torba might possess.

Its that hali says it and you should believe it attitude RK bristles at, particularly since we know enough about Turkmen rugs to spot the undue baronial, or should we say kingly, soap-box a turko-twit like a ben evans believes elevates his mutterings to such heights.

The torba in question was not a bad one, in fact it was pretty, but surely not worth braying a bargain-status over.

But, and we are ending this here because we find it boring to dissect a smelly corpse like this hali rippon-boastwell/sotheby review, the following statement is one we find stupidly hyperbolic:

while lot 269, a clearly very old but terribly worn Ersari ensi, offered without reserve, was bid up to $8,220.

lot 269, an Ersari engsi RK has described as in our eyes nothing but a late, ungainly, and ugly we might add, piece of Turkmen loom-work.

Clearly very old? Yeah, why dont you turko-twits at hali tell us why. Give us some support for this dopey attempt to make readers believe you have the turko-chops to know what is old and what just looks like it is.

Fact is the engsi in question is, as we already wrote, nothing but a mediocre example that is not "very" old, forget about historically important its just a worn out rag capable of making novices and wanna-be expurts, like those at hali, believe its old enough to be interesting or worth $8,ooo plus.

There is no question turko-twit evans and the rest of the lesser ones who toil to produce such turko-fodder are novices-supreme and their pretending to lead the dwindling flock of rugDUMB subscribers is both laughable and pathetic.

What's worse they get away with it -- but hell thats why RK continues to call it rugDUMB.

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