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Thu, Jan 6th, 2011 10:36:19 PM
Topic: Whither Kejebe epilogue

As an epilogue we feel presenting this image will further support our thesis the kejebe medallion was distilled from the Para-Mamluk and Mamluk carpets.

Mystery carpet; Ulu Mosque, eastern Anatolia

This impressive survivor was found in the Ulu Mosque in eastern Anatolia and its unmistakable connection to the Para-mamluk demonstrates this iconography was also imbedded in a weaving culture that was geographically much closer to Turkmenistan.

The fact this rug, like some of the Seljuk carpets, maintains not only geographic but also strong iconographic connections to Turkmen weaving strongly supports the association we have drawn.

Another point worth mention is the distinct possibility this rug is actually a Turkmen rug, one made by some Turkmen group as they migrated west into Anatolia.

The very basic two-color scheme, red-background, repetitive over-all medallion design are surely similar to the Turkmen aesthetic.

Introducing this rug in our argument raises many questions, the most notable being does it precede the Para-Mamluk/Mamluk carpets?

Or is it their descendant?

Its an unanswerable question especially considering this carpet, one we believe is the earliest para-Mamluk.

This para-Mamluk has more of an Ottoman style, especially the minor border, and the Ulu Mosque rug that aforementioned Turkmen aesthetic.

Both, regardless of their chronology, possess the predecessor graphics the kejebe medallion apes and thats where this discussion must end.

PS: At the Milan icoc jon aka lazy boy thompson gave a talk entitled "The carpets of the Akkoyunlu Turkmen, where are they?"

Let RK clue the clueless former Turkmen collecting thompson if we were he we'd start looking at the mystery carpet above.

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