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Mon, Dec 27th, 2010 02:06:22 AM
Topic: Guilt by Association

Since mid-2004 RK has provided irrefutable documentary evidence dennis dodds is a liar, a cheat and a thief besides proving he is a rug know-little and greedy profiteer.

To call dodds a blight on the business and collecting of old and antique oriental rugs is again an irrefutable statement.

The fact doddds remains the secretary general of the icoc casts a long and dark shadow on this organization.

The fact the icoc and its various committees have ignored dodds's cheating the Los Angeles County Museum of Art by presenting a late, genre period reproduction "bellini" rug as a 16th century museum worthy masterpiece is as despicable as dodds's actions.

One can only surmise the icoc itself is as corrupt and bogus as dodds and his piece of garbage "bellini".

Fact is, it is; and RK has also provided much irrefutable documentary evidence showing how inept and feckless the icoc organizing committees have proven to be, and we have also now shown how the coming event in Stockholm will most probably prove the same.

The clarion call for action has long been sounded and what is the result?

Nothing but inaction.

RugDUMB deserves a scum-bag selfish creep like dodds, a man who acts no different than a common criminal, to be its leader.

Is there any wonder why RK is ignored and demonized?

The truth hurts is an old saying, but if it were really true dodds would be lying dead in a cheap coffin on boot hill instead of prancing around with the likes of a number of other selfish greedy carpeteering slobs rugDUMB honors with worthless accolades, meaningless medals and titles.

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