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Sun, Dec 26th, 2010 02:27:01 AM
Topic: J.Paul Getty's Journals

Getty's journals, in which the billionaire kept his most private, and public thoughts about everything from his business triumphs, his haircuts and his art purchases, have been release in book form.

As many of you probably know J.P. Getty had some classical carpets, which after his death were all sold by the museum he endowed and gave his collection.

Here is an interesting quote from one of his journals:

"I think mine compares with others in the book except for Impressionists.

I should have bought a dozen Renoirs in the 30s instead of one, plus some Degas, Monets, Pissarros, Manets, and fewer tapestries and carpets.

But I like my tapestries and carpets even if they havent increased 20 times in value like the Impressionists. (Nov. 7, 1967)."

Shame J.P. did not buy more carpets and instruct his museum to continue...one wonders had he how different this collecting of oriental carpets might be......

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