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Sun, Feb 13th, 2011 02:07:44 PM
Topic: The Stockholm icoc

Yesterday RK perused the website for the coming icoc in Stockholm and, once again, marveled at the stupidity, conceit and deception the icoc people are perpetrating.

First off, and most important, is the ludicrous idea these "conferences" are well organized and planned.

For instance: Locating the main venue of the event a "10 minute commuter train ride from the center of Stockholm" is about as dumbass as it gets.

First of all a "ten minute commuter train ride" is never ten minutes, as one has to get to the station, buy a ticket and wait on a platform for the train.

Then, of course, you have to get off the train, walk down a platform, through the station and make your way to the "venue", which even if it is an alleged "two minute walk" we doubt anyone, even an Olympic track star, could accomplish.

Dividing the event between the conference venue, the "Stockholm International Fairs (Stockholmsmssan) in lvsj (the "ten minute train or car ride"), and the center city, where the hotels are,not counting the locations of several of the participating museums where exhibitions are supposedly going to be staged, can only be called miserable stupid planning.

RK has attended a number of earlier icoc "conferences" and they, like this coming one, were as stupidly planned and, on top, ended up being exceptionally poorly organized. Already this one's planning clearly follows suit and we are sure by the time it is over the organization will also.

These conferences are three day affairs and to jam-pack the schedule with too many lectures, museum and local dealer exhibitions and a "dealers fair", more about this soon, can only be called incredibly stupid and ludicrous.

But remember this is done for a reason and that reason is the politics of the icoc, an inbred self-serving group of rugDUMBers who always make sure to benefit themselves at the expense of the conference attendees.

If anyone thinks RK is lying, you either are a newbie who has never been to one of these "conferences" or a brain-dead believer.

If these "conferences" were week long, full seven day, affairs such a schedule might be appropriate but to ram such a schedule into a weekend is nothing but dumb.

Here's another titbit, and we quote from the conference website:

"ICOC does not receive any commission from your hotel bookings. You may book either through Congrex, or on the internet. Prices my vary from one source to another."

RK will be glad to bet dollars to donut-holes this is blantant deception, as the icoc will get a number of free suites and rooms at both of the advertised hotels depending upon how many conference attendees book rooms.

And guess who get those free rooms and suites? Right you are the conference committee members. They stay for free and you pay for it. Nice, huh?

Let's all remember dennis the menace, liar and cheat dodds is the secretary general and he is responsible for the planning and publicity we quote; so don't forget, according to RK, deception and lies are to be expected.

The prices for the dealer fair booth are not too high but let RK warn anyone who has signed up, or is thinking about it -- with a conference schedule that is as packed with events as a sardine can you will not get much chance to peddle your wares.

Conference attendees will be busy as bees when they are at the "ten minute commuter train or car ride" facility where you will be located and, then your audience will go, or be swept, off back into the center city for museum shows, eating, socializing and of course their hotel rooms.

Remember most attendees, especially those with checkbooks, will come from afar and be tired from their journey to Stockholm, forget about those coming from America or the Middle or Far East who will be jet-lagged. So really now how many minutes do you think you will have to get them to buy your pieces?

Let's all also remember the money dealers pay for their booth is a very inportant source of revenue for these events and at every other conference RK knows about we heard many grumbles from the dealers about how they felt they got shafted by the organizers -- What makes you think this one will be different?

RK will bet you those dollars to donut-hole it won't, so be prepared.

RK could go on critiquing what is planed and predicting what will happen and while we will surely not participate in this "conference" in any manner we are not suggesting you should not.

Rather we post these comments to forewarn those who are planning to go and, perhaps you will not believe this, we are as well trying to get the dopey, self-serving and nepotistic "conference committee" to realize their planning appears to be highly questionable and to make some effort to ensure the event does not turn out like all the others.

Stay tuned for more as time for the event draws closer and RK is positive we will be able to point out more possible problems and coming disasters from the conference committees published publicity.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 13th, 2011 02:07:44 PM

After doing a bit of checking we learned there is a very nice hotel on site at exhibition center where the conference will take place.

So why the icoc committee did not book rooms at that hotel, rather than in town, which is a bus or train ride away, seems rather strange.

At this point we can only guess the decision was made to facilitate attendees visiting local dealers shoppes, at the expense of the dealer's who are exhibiting at the conference Dealer's Fair, and for the icoc to get a better cut of the room rates from one or two of the many hotels in town rather than at the one hotel at the exhibition center.

It's going to be a busy two days, friday and saturday; and with all the shuffling back and forth from the hotels, museum and dealer shows in town to the exhibition center, RK expects what we have already predicted to happen, will.

Dealers at the Dealer's Fair are going to get shafted and have little time to meet with prospective buyers, who will be busy attending "lectures", seeing the exhibitions at the exhibition center and of course going back to town to their hotels and to the number of museum and local dealer shows and exhibitions.

The icoc committee has once again, as usual, put their interests first and those of the dealers at the Dealer's Fair and the "conference" attendees second.

Frankly, if we were involved we would be quite upset at this and would mobilize other dealers to get involved with us and complain.

And even though we are not involved we think this situation stinks and is, again, ample proof the icoc is nothing but a group of greedy, self-serving ruggies to whom the common good is strictly something to benefit from and not share.

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 4th, 2011 12:44:17 AM

This morning while cruising the net we came across some new publicity for the Stockholm icoc.

Included within the usual blah-blah that proven cheat and liar dennis dodds and company are churning out to try and stimulate the, what we have heard, lukewarm sign-ups for the event was the following:

"An opening lecture by Alberto Boralevi will follow till 6:30, when two important exhibitions of rugs and textiles from private collections will open in the same venue. The first devoted to Turkmen main carpets of the so-called Eagle Gul Groups and the second to Oriental and Scandinavian weavings from Swedish private collections. At the same time the Dealers Fair will open with 50 international dealers exhibiting.

The Academic Program of the Conference will be held in two parallel sessions on Friday 17 June and Saturday 18 June from 9:30 AM till 4:45PM giving to delegates enough time for attending the receptions organised for the museum exhibitions held in town. "

RK warned you dealers who will be spending much effort, time and yes money to exhibit at the icoc in Stockholm the icoc committee people could care less about you and here is proof positive.

How many of you believe "conference" attendees will forgo attending the opening of the "two important exhibitions of rugs and textiles from private collections.... devoted to Turkmen main carpets of the so-called Eagle Gul Groups and Oriental and Scandinavian weavings from Swedish private collections" to attend the opening our your Dealer's Fair?

If any of you do then please let RK disabuse you of that dream.

We told you the icoc committee, which desperately needs your financial support -- ie the money they get from your booth rent, to make this event happen will not think twice about screwing you. Now that statement stands as fact.

You guys need to sound up loud and clear or, as we predicted, you will get shafted again, just like what has happened in the past.

A three day "conference" that is overloaded with pork-barrel events, over-stuffed lecturers saying the same old things, and exhibitions chock-full of pieces of less than sterling merit is your competition, and big competition it is.

Plus let's all remember there will be many events happening in the center of Stockholm which will also draw many attendees away from the venue where your Dealer's Fair is located.

Even more competition for the time you need to talk with clients, new and old, and show your pieces for sale.

If you did not believe us before put faith in what we say now or suffer the consequences; something RK surely does not want to see happen, as we know most of you and believe you deserve a far better shake than you will receive.

Author: jc
Wed, Dec 15th, 2010 01:55:19 AM

We have received a couple of critical emails concerning our words about the coming icoc, one of them in fact lambasting us for "publishing such derogatory comments" about the icoc and dennis the thief dodds.

Well all we can say to this emailer, and the ridiculous shoot the messenger rational espoused, is that everything we wrote is fact and truth, undeniably so.

And any organization that allows a cheat, a liar and a thief to be its head honcho has no place to hide other than infamy.

The icoc is a corrupt organization, it benefits itself at the expense of its membership, it has done little other than that in all the years it has been around and to keep quiet over dennis the menace dodd's revolting behaviour proves our position beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The only way to remedy the situation would be for dodds to be expelled and discredited and for some new blood to be injectedinto the organizing and "academic" committees.

Nuff said....

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